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(Megadrive) Bills Tomato Game (unreleased)


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MrMark0673 has just released bills tomato game for the megadrive a few hours ago.

some info on the game

The game was developed and published by Psygnosis. The game requires the player to guide Terry the tomato up the vine of Sammy Squirrel and rescue his girlfriend Tracey from the squirrel's villainous clutches. The vine consists of 10 worlds of 10 levels each. All consist of numerous obstacles he has to overcome using the help of various items (e.g. fans or trampolines).

The reason the game is called Bill's Tomato Game is because it was designed and programmed by Bill Pullan, although the manual states that this is not the case. The artwork was by Lee Carus-Westcott and the music was by Mike Clarke.

A Mega Drive version was developed by Tempest Software for Psygnosis.Despite actual work on the port being completed, however, the publisher never released the game. A prototype cartridge of the unpublished Mega Drive version was auctioned on eBay in July 2009.


vid of amiga version

download link
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