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I have started work on my book.


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Sup 1emu.


As you know I'm not right in the head so I thought this would be a good idea.

Basically, this book is a very dark look in to the world of society.

You all know about necronominicon from evil dead right?

Well, I'm calling the book Neocreamicon to go with my site's name.

It just seemed like a reasonable thing to do.


For years I have studied the "psyche of woman" as it has always interested me, and this is what the book addresses.

After many years I think I have finally cracked it, confident enough to write a book that should be around 100 to 150 Pages.


This book will offend people, both male and female.


It's cheesy and not grammatically perfect, but that's how I have always written things down, so hopefully during the later stages of the book A proof reader I know will be able to fix up the issues.


Im in no way hating on women, or people.

I'm simply trying to get a point across that there is something wrong with femensising society and putting women into commanding positions across the board. Consider it a mans right to know the truth about women, because the truth in this book is so black and white its hard to say "it does not happen like that" because it does.


Here is the link to my draft post.



Cheers 1emu, any comments or ideas welcome of course...

Unless admin and Co find it a little too dark for the board, hell, even i think the book is motivated by some darkness I can't put my finger on.


Neocream boldly going to places others dare not...

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You sure made Mark one gloomy dude. I agree with some of your points but not all women are attracted to the macho type of man. I feel it you are a fairly nice guy and treat women with respect you will find women are attracted to that. I am not say that all women are like this because there are ones out there that like the macho type and then there are ones that hate men in general because of the way Daddy treated them as a child. A lot of the problems between Men and Women are taught to them by their parents who had no clue or desire to raise their children properly.


Being said I still like where you are going with this and think you should definitely continue.

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It will cover those ideas you raised Jit.

Like I say I am slightly nervous, and there is no publisher that would touch this with a barge pole as it is going to get worse the further into the book I write.

The patterns I show to people will be regarding the ideas in the book are totally happening round the world as we speak.

Im getting support just now on facebook, a guy I know has come in with some guys from an independent radio for my Leeds team that I support.

This is the right thing I can feel it in my gut.


I have never taken the cream in an open public forum, as when you go on facebook its basically the world knows how many shits you do a day.

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I demand you title the book "How to get drunk and bang bitches"


For the record, I HATE feminists. I'm by no means chauvinist, but it's simple fucking genetics that men are superior to women in certain ways...it's NEVER going to change no matter how hard your feminazi ass tries to make it!

There are also ways women are superior to men, but most of those hinge on HAVING a man in the first place...


For example, are men physcially superior in strength/agility/dexterity as a general rule? YES, and it's not going to change because that's how we're built as a fucking species, so get over it.

Are men intellectually superior? In most ways yes, in others no(Women can "outsmart" men, and there are women that are smartER than men). It again leads back to genetics and the species and what's required for survival.


None of that means that men need to drive those points home, that makes you chauvinist, and being a stuck up feminazi bitch because of it is no different either.

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Its going to deeper than what attracts men to women and vice versa.

Its going to explain a lot of stuff so men cant be tricked anymore.

They of course will be as thats how the system is rigged for us, one of the major hanging points is child courts and why the women are treated as pure Alphas and the men like shit.

Its not about hating women, not at all.


If anything the book aims to wake up women as well as men.

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