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(snes) pinkie (unreleased)


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Unreleased Super Nintendo Port Of Commodore Amiga Platformer Pinkie Surfaces Online.

In 1995 Data Design Systems developed a Commodore Amiga adventure which sadly sunk into the vast sea of platformers available at the time. Although Pinkie was actually a decent platformer, it never quite managed to reach any of the consoles - at least until now.

This quirky intergalactic platformer had you controlling an unsurprisingly pink alien who was out on a mission to collect various eggs dotted around the world. Pinkie had the makings of a great platformer with various features more commonly found in other titles such as overworld level selection and rideable vehicles too.

Nearly two decades after the game’s initial arrival on the home computer, an anonymous gamer has uploaded a ROM of the unfinished and unreleased Super Nintendo version online. This early version of the console port appears to be that of a testing build, featuring all kinds of additional debug features such as warping and level skips.

Unseen 64, a website dedicated to unreleased, unfinished, and prototype video games recently uploaded a download link for the game’s ROM. According to Unseen 64, the SNES port of Pinkie works perfectly fine in emulators, but is yet to be tested in flash cartridges such as the Super Everdrive.


link below.


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