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(UNRELEASED) NES Strider: Japanese Prototype released (NEW)


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Just released today is the japanese version of strider for the nes/famicom.
this game was never released in japan.


quote by rick

So my friend Arasoi decided to release this awesome little thing here to the masses that he got off a Japanese auction.

This here is the real deal, the unreleased Japanese ROM of Strider! There's some differences and changes from the final as well, including some content cut from the U.S. released.

The whole thing is even buggier than the U.S. release, which is saying something! While I'm going to be putting this up on TCRF in the near future as far as differences and happy stuff goes, feel free to investigate things in the meantime.

First Monster Party, then Strider. Two games in the hands of proto hoarders for years, now released to the public! What's next, a Mega Man 4 sample cart? (No really, I wish. )





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