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[X68000] Illumination LASER (unreleased)


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For years, this video is the only evidence we had of this game's existence. The game was uncirculated and highly sought after by the X68000 community. I've been searching for this game for over 5 years.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when a copy of the game surface in an auction on Yahoo Japan, buried within a pile of X68000 hardware and software.


With the help of some X68000 collectors, the lot was won (almost $1000!) and headed to the US, where an attempt to dump Illumination Laser would be made.
The progress of this purchase was documented on the NFG forums where, unbeknown to us, someone had been in contact with the developer of IL for over a year. The developer learned of the auction, and formally asked that we not release that copy of the game. We were disappointed, but decided to respect the developer's wishes.
The developer, who goes by TERRA, dusted off his X68000 and decided to put the finishing touches on the game and release it to the public on Saturday!
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