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I'm assuming most of the people on this forum are around my age because of how long this forum has been around. I'm wondering how many people from my generation still have their old pokemon cards. Come on you know you did it too.


I still have a box of them with probably around 500 cards in it.


I have quite a few Holifoil cards and I believe my rarest was this japanese holifoil charizard. I remember pricing it a while back and it came out to somewhere around $150. I could be wrong, not sure if this is the right edition or not but it looks similar to this.




So how many of you still have pokemon cards and if so whats your rarest catch?

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Aw sold them all for $5!


I have Pokemon Red and Gold. I really only like the original 150 but Gold was pretty fun. I've been watching the cartoon a lot recently.

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I've seen a few old episodes of it, like in 2004.


I had Pokemon yellow for gbc, it was a fun rpg. Never even got close to collecting them all

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I almost finished Fire Red and then stopped before the end, for some reason -- never collected the cards though.


Snorlax FTW!



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I collected 144 pokemon, its impossible to collect them all unless you do trading. I played them all but only owned Red and Gold. I recall having yellow for a while but traded it because the idea of making pikachu like you was ridiculous to me.


Its not for everyone thats for sure. I remember my friends were really into it and gave me a lot of the cards, thats why I got into it.

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