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(snes) Nightmare Busters (unofficial 2013 release)


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Set includes Full proper release, Non-CRC-Fixed version, and the Prototype ROM.

A CARNIVAL OF DARKNESS HAS SPRUNG TO LIFE... Synchronized with the wavelength of dreams, the miserable Tyrant has discovered a way to enter them and convolute what children see, hear and feel while they sleep — all for the benefit of his twisted amusement. Enter Flynn and his twin brother Floyd, two virtuous leprechauns who refuse to sit idly by while the Tyrant weaves his dreadful delusions. Get going, gents! There's no time to lose!
Game features:

Incredible graphics
Six challenging stages
Cooperative two player mode
Continuous fast paced action
Wide array of weapons and magic

Nightmare Busters is proudly presented through the partnership of Super Fighter Team and the game's developers, Christophe Gayraud and Jean-Christophe Alessandri. Nightmare Busters plays on any NTSC or PAL Super Nintendo / Super Famicom system, including all compatible systems.




1 link download (includes all 3 roms)

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