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Thunderbolt II (UNL)

thanks to eke for this.

During a search for undumped/unemulated MD games, I stumbled about this unlicensed shooter which was apparently part of Gamtec series and is considered to be
quite "rare" by the people who own a copy.

From the link below, it seems the game was dumped but the dump never released publicly because it "did not work on emulators or flashcards" (well, like most of those unlicensed original games which have on-board copy protection... until someone cracks them)

Out of curiosity, I contacted one of these fellows to see if they still had the "non-working" dump so I could had a crack on it.

Hopefully, it appeared that the dump was complete and that the copy-protection used by the game is identical to the one in many other unlicensed games from this area (16 Tiles Mahjong II, Smart Mouse, etc) so it literally took 10 minutes to crack it.

Basically, the game expects hard-coded value to be returned when reading address $400000 and $400006, which are normally not mapped on traditional cartridges (or flashcarts) but maps to extra cartridge hardware in these games.

So much for the talk, here is a link to the patched ROM, which should work on any emulators (tested on Fusion) or flashcarts (tested on Mega Drive Model 2 with Everdrive MD)

there are 2 roms in this thread,the first download is for the patched rom which works on emulators.
the second download is for the original rom release.

patched rom download (will work on emulator)

1 link download and mirrorlinks



download for original/unpatched rom.


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