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  1. Games looks interesting but I doubt about addition to official MAME anytime soon 😕
  2. Already received 3rd shot just like my wife. Both my kids are after second (the last one for kids here in Poland). At my work we had one man that nearly died due covid. Only after this tragic moments most people I know and he know had vaccinated.
  3. I can upload version with all systems if You want.
  4. You can do this in ARCADE32/64
  5. They already late plus what I've read somewhere else Vas has some problems so it's no suprise. I think it's good time to clean up source.
  6. In Poland less than 900 deaths. People should wear masks but from what I see many people ignore this. Not to mention plenty people on streets. Everything is available except gloves.
  7. Still cold but we have sunshine but still it's rare to see people outside. In next two days weather will be much better with peak in saturday and sunday. BTW. Couple days ago we had very high temperatures (just before first ill in my city) and plenty people were outside. One confirmed ill changed everything.
  8. toilet paper or.. someone else t-shirt 😁 Now serious. That one woman was in hospital and had contact with at least 50 people in hospital. Now hospital is separated from outside world. Many of those people probably left hospital and didn't know that woman was positive with covid19. All hospitals employes that are at home at orderer to stay at home on force. One of nurses is actually living very close to my home. Besides weather is rather bad here in Poland - strong wind, yesterday was snowing. Not the best conditions to stay healthy. Right now from time to time I see only people with dogs.
  9. Hehehe, I've not been in stores for 2 days now but still when I've been in sotres I have not seen to many people . Toilet paper run out initially quickly but has been restocked fast. There was was shortage for bread for a short time. Right now I have at least one confirmed sick in my city and that might change a lot. Looking from my windows at city it look like deserted, only rarely peoples with dogs so people are probably scared and finally sitting at home. Shops were closed in sunday in my country but that's normal. Tomorrow we will see how much situation has changed my city.
  10. Rather does not want to write about. In Poland right now is silent - people in my city does not hoarding shops, we still have toilet paper, rice etc. At least yesterday it was true. Personally I made some shopping just to not need go out every day.
  11. http://mameclassic.mameworld.info/ http://easymame.mameworld.info/ - better but outdated sadly This the best arcade32/64, next in line is emuloader
  12. Stiletto forward me to this: https://github.com/mamedev/roadmap/blob/master/for_rewrite.md so I have exactly what I need
  13. Many of those has just been renamed (all the psx based hardware pcbs). Actually I need only removed games from in 172 due unresolved licences (which I didn't precised, sorry). That's because roms are still there so clrmamepro won't help me with indication which ones and non working list is very long.
  14. Since version 171 of mame some drivers/games were removed. From mameinfo I've extracted small list: marinedtflower (in progress by Angelo Salese)poppersprcros2 (rewritten by Angelo Salese)carjmbre (rewritten by hap)toypop and librabl (rewritten by Angelo Salese) are any other games/drivers removed or removed but rewritten ? I'm planning to update my arcade PC from version 171 soon but I don't know what games I may miss.
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