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This is so fucked up

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Gah, saw this on reddit today: http://imgur.com/a/kKpwa


Women who stop taking birth control to get pregnant and lock onto the guy for eternity. This shit should be a crime, but I seem to be hearing about it more and more. Seems Cosmopolitan in the UK is even rationalizing it.


Why is there no law to put people in jail for this? If I don't want to be a father, then I don't want some woman fetching a using condom out of my trash can. What's bothersome is that there seems to be no repercussions for the women, but only a mountain of bills and responsibilities for the man who wasn't prepared to have a son or daughter.


What do you guys think?

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Chicks been doing that shit for years, but really it's like. If you're not gonna use a rubber, you get what you deserve, and to be perfectly honest, a kid is that last of your worries with all the crap that's out there.

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Trash can? Flush that fucker down the toilet...


That's actually horrible for the sewage systems. Perhaps should be used as a last resort. In the article, none of the women mentioned were able to successfully use the semen from a used condom to get pregnant.

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Wow that's gross

Which part? :msnoh:

The grabbing used condoms to get pregnant. It's just weird!

True that, but if the guy is rolling in the dough there's nothing from stopping a chick from collecting child support. Free pay checks, can anybody say CHA-CH$NG!

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