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Changing the way we do news!

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For over 11 years, we've been stubborn with the way we do news here on 1Emulation.


Essentially, the original method was simple, but messy. If there was a new emulator released, it would go in the Site News & Updates forum. If there was new information on a console or handheld, it would go in the Site News & Updates forum. If we had a website issue, it would go in the Site News & Updates forum.... you get the picture? Essentially, we didn't sort out our news into any specific categories. I'm happy to say those days are over!


During these past three days, I have personally went through over 270 pages of news posts, spanning 11 years, and re-categorized them into four new sections.


For news related material, it's now separated into 3 sections:


-- Emulator Releases [/emu]

-- Hacking and Homebrew [/hax]

-- Gaming and Tech [/gtech]


If you like the old fashioned way we did news, you can only access the primary category for news:


-- 1Emulation.com Newsroom [/news]


For site related material, it now has its own section:


-- 1Emulation.com Information [/info]


Finally, make sure to take advantage of the 1Emulation ShortURL system if you haven't already! For example /emu means you can access the Emulator Releases forum directly by going to http://1emulation.com/emu in your browser... easy! :-)

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