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WTF Skype...


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Now that msn has become Skype I get like 12 random calls a day now. What do these people want?

It might be just me but wow is it annoying. I'm in the middle of a call and then "random name" calls.

Damnit I was on the phone!


Is the random calling just a fad? I hope so :(

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Ya happens to me all the time it is a Skype thing. Usually mine leave voice messages and they are blank. But I use Skype all the time. WIfe loves it, she uses it to video chat with her family that live out of town.

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I gladly haven't gotten any missed calls yet. I've never really liked Skype. I always thought that Video Calling would be the next big thing, but people (specifically women) like to prepare themselves before a video call. So it kills all the spontaneity that a traditional instant message has. Other than that, voice only calls are cool.

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