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Yes, any method of getting to the index produced a white screen. All the other pages were fine. So, I could call up the front page then use the directory on the side to navigate to everywhere else.


But by next morning it had fixed itself.

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Hope Shiba comes back! He hasn't logged in since the 17th. He was our resident Dreamcast Master after DreamCastLover left in 2004. When you read this, upload a new avatar. :)

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Once I get my PC set up again I will! This new theme is pretty cool!


Glad you like it, buddy! Great to see you back again. We just re-added the forum attack system today after 4 years. Hope you can participate.


I'm also going to need your help to emulate all the cool dreamcast stuff... perhaps even tutorials if you still got a hold of them... to our new downloads section! :)

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yeah just let me know specifically what you need. I've been digging a lot of that out of storage recently so I would be nice to play with again. I never really got into emulating DC on the PC all that much but from what I understand its pretty straightforward.


Is there a way to darken the theme? Turn all the white parts black or grey or something? Might be better for night browsing.

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