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Xbox soft mod questions.


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BTW. I decided to wait until Coinops5 releases. Do you have any idea when its getting release? I know its soon. Also, lets say I bought the guys xbox with Coinops4 HD installed, would it be easy to upgrade to Coinops5 or if I have Coinops4, then I'm screwed? Thanks


coinops 5 will more than likely have a standalone release at some point. this will be an update set with no roms or vids it will basicly bring you bang

up to date without having to DL the full set but you will need to have some setup knowlage to get it up and running

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For you guys....you should really ask why the release is being handled differently with no input from you guys...no release date.....no asking about features or locks.....and no telling you of the progress that is happening daily......


The answer is the community.....people say im the problem and bully sites for me to leave.....well you guys now have the results, you the community will live with there decisions....rest asured im working on stuff daily.....just you guys are no longer getting it handed to you or discussed and you can blame the way the community now works together.....


if you want the old days back you should be more vocal on the community....if not im more than happy banning bullies....loving the social media stuff I see and working in the private focus group to support friends....I lose nothing and actually gain alot.....id say you lose the most but its allways been your desision it doesnt really effect me or my friends.....good luck with the promised from others ive questioned how good they really are...time will tell......im sure you all know this is best.....


I really hope you guys get the community spirit back....ive worked with the best in much better times....... I do have stuff to finish for myself and friends and will complete that stuff.....ive also started thinking about new projects and will discuss this with the group....the planning and scoping is underway now....and the vision is coming.....


Im sorry its this way for the inocent but really without a proper community its best to work alone as I have much brighter future planned for myself than the negativity I see....I know what I can do and the time it takes....to listen to people telling me otherwise is not benifical......wastes everyones time.....


I hope I see the spirit back some time and then id love to contribute.....if not ill contibute to myself and friends.....


I could do more in a weekend than I see done for years on stuff like XBMC and it scares some dev......well I know if I decided to latch onto another project like XBMC it wouldnt take much time for people to see its improved and switch over.....would be nice to work together.......ive stated 100 times others can use my sources im not scared of that.....I know its always been there fear that makes them not work with me.....and try and keep any CoinOPS talk away or on a negative tone...not release sources....not communicate....ban me as soon as it becomes apartent im of more benifit than the so called leaders of the sites........its just fear.....


Hey most of all good luck to you......id say if you dont have a proper community its all over for you guys anyways...........

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BP, it's fine you posting here and any genuine input you have is welcome, but there's nothing in your post above that helps the OP or answers any of his questions in any way. It just seems like another rant of the sort that caused you problems here the first time around. I'd like to feel this place isn't about banning users and removing posts, but I must insist you keep any posts you make relevant, constructive and on-topic. Any attacks (real or implied) against this community or any of its members can't and won't be tolerated.


This isn't just for you; it also applies to everyone else. I won't be altering or removing the above but if this topic goes that way then I'll close it, which would be a shame.



EDIT: It's come to my attention that this is not in fact BP, much as the person that has just (apparently) registered at the CoinOPS forum under my name is not me. I'll leave this here for the time being but will probably end up either splitting the topic or just deleting the rubbish if it continues.

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BP's cult members are a plague on this scene, along with their spiteful leader. For the record, the xbox community is very much still alive. They've just moved on to a different board.


Not sure what sort of mess Coin-Ops is like today, but it was good for MAME emulation at least. All the other stuff BP crammed into it isn't really worthwhile as long as there are other emulators on the xbox that do the job better (way better).

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