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My dog went to the dog pound - then attacked the staff.


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About a month ago I had to rehome my dog, i was going through a shitty time and i was only supposed to have him temporal like you may know. Anyway The dog had a reputation for being a bit of a live wire, i thought when they chopped his balls off and he realised he was in a better situation in than I was providing him he would settle better. The first two weeks he was "fine." A well behaved dog.


They took the picture off their website today so my old man rang up thinking they had rehoused him, turns out on a day a family came to look at him (even though i told them to rehome him with adults) the dog went "funny" when the family came to see him. After that he became aggressive and started trying to bite the staff. She said it had torn through her clothes at one point, and now when they go feed him they have to put on protective clothing.

So tomorrow as I write this he is going to be put to sleep.


They also think he could have some kind of medical condition (Ie barking mad)

The sad thing is I know I could go get my dog back and he would heel up and behave as soon as I saw him.

But I just cant, I have a baby son to think of and i live back with my parents and they wont take the dog.


Holy shit man, owning dogs just aint worth it.

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you got to boss a dog those fuckers are pack driven.

All these liberal fucks who say dogs are equal or just plain old treated wrong.. they are wrong.

What do they want next? manicures for a good days doggedness?

Search dog attacks and see for your self, truth is thousands of dog homes around the world say these dogs are alright...

the risk percentage is clear, a clear gap. cant dig that shit man.

I have seen and received too many dog bites over time.


All that training bullshit, is bullshit. If a dog is a dick its a dick. it cant be compared to a human ever.

Some asshole has a dog in your neighbour hood and does not control it?

god help you.

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It's a tough choice, though it would really eat me up; Personally, I would take a bullet for my dog, far too many childhood memories. I've had my dog since the 6th grade (1998) and still kicking, though now showing signs that its almost time – still loyal as hell.


In your case, you're probably doing the right thing but I think you should be more aggressive about it, if you're not satisfied with your current answer (which i'm assuming you're not since you're telling us about it). if I were in your situation, I would be more aggressive; Perhaps give your dog away to someone who wants a dog.

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Sorry about your dog ems. But you made the right choice.


Dogs are a lot of responsibility and many pet owners don't understand what it takes to keep one. Bad pet owners are everywhere. Especially those owners who think their dogs are their 'children' and treat them like humans, coddling them. Dogs are dogs, they are not humans at all and you're right, the pack mentality and behavioral conduct is how they function. They need a good pet owner to follow and guide them and treat them properly as indicative of their species.


This is why i'm a cat person. I'm not active enough to take dogs out on walks two to three times daily, bathe and deal with their barking and whining. Cats are just easier to take care of. They clean themselves, they go do their business in one place. They don't make crazy screeching noises and bark at all times of the day.


Most people don't know this but the total population of cats outnumbers dogs in this country... while the population of dogs outnumbers cats that have homes and owners.


It's a sad reality as a pet lover. So next time you guys consider adopting (never buy pets from pet kennels or stores), consider giving a cat a home. They make great companions.

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Yeah verstic only get a dog if you are in my opnion...


The country!

And you can make it up a decent kennel (damp proof and warm enough)

Dogs especially a dog with a bit of power behind it are not good city dogs, not even in the suburbs.

I put hours up on hours in with my dog, he knew i was boss.


The pet home that took him in before they put him to sleep said he was abused and could possibly of had real brain damage.

This explains why the dog was such a twat.

I've never onwed a dog as "in yo face" as that one.

It used to drive me mad, I mean really insane, hairs everyplace, demanding walks, constant attention, vet bills, exspensive foods, whining, tearing stuff up when he was left alone... The dog whisperer is full of poop. Cats just walk round minding thier own business.


Would I own a dog again?

Yes but only in specific conditions.

And defently not a dog with too much power (pit/staff/rotty/anything that could over power someone easily)


RIP doggie.

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What kind of dog was it btw?


Different breeds require different needs after all.


It was a Staffordshire cross pit.

Any pit it had in it though was very minimal if anything more its fawn coat markings.

I would never of owned a full bread pit, besides they are illegal in the UK.

When it was growing up it was stuck in a house all the time and beaten over the head with bats and stillettoe shoes.

I tried man, it had just gone to far in its head. I still think that dog would of done something bad one day though, when i took my eye of it and watch him he would start doing stuff, it was scary to see the change when he thought i wasnt looking. People say if you have a bad dog get it put to sleep before its too late - when faced with that challenge you will find a large percentage of owners just cant do it.

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I suppose what happened is better than the possibility of it mauling another person, or a child by accident.

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You're right pal.

If you know anyoneone who is going to get a dog tell them the responsibility is not an easy one.

Especially if its a powerful dog.


You may as well be adopting a kid.

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