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Coinops 4 Locks

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I just picked up coinops 4 and I removed all of the console games (I enjoy CO4 just as an arcade experience) and I'm assuming that I'm running into a lock. Every time I click on a game the screen goes black and then it just loads the rom selection menu again.


Anybody have any suggestions/tips?


I can't find any info about the lock in the read-me.



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well, this is an nice issue. a continuous one too.


the way around this in the older coinops is do fresh install, be sure your save file in udata / tdata (e: drive) has been deleted. put all the roms in the said folder (or direct to your roms folder) then after you have done rom check then delete the ones you don't want.


now i have been told by ace that the official torrent somewhere (?) has everything and so you'll have to have everything from that torrent, [rant]53gig's and most of us only want the arcade side except for bp and his fan club[end-rant], so hopefully you still have all the files.

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Is there a file that one would have if they have installed everything, that they could share with others (that you could just copy over a file to tell coinops that you have everything - even when you don't)?


There has to be an easy solution to this silly lock!

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try it... and if it works, post your findings.


default.xbe may be coded to the new files.


just use co3 sunset. your not really getting a ton of new stuff. all of the emu's/games bp put's in coinops run already on other xbox emu's.


ok, except for dodonpachipachi arrange, he got me there.

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