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modified Capcom CPS3 core

gamez fan

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well ive been reading a 21 reasons countdown elseware its not a bad list kinda got something for everyone

anyway i noticed on the list something called a modified capcom CPS3 core i wonder if this has been improved so all games will now play

flawless with no slowdowns on a 64meg xbox or will the games still play like before eg some slowdowns etc maybe someone with more inside info about this can maybe provide an answer




EDIT::: hmm i see mortal kombat 3 on the list as well i wonder how that will now play same as always in mame0.72 or maybe it has been improved

to now play flawless?? i guess time will tell unless someone has an answer :)

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the cps3 core... could it be just linked to cpx? cpx runs great on 64m xboxes. i have used it for many years with no slow down. or the "dev" may have gotten the source from the cpx dev. doubt that though. if it's modified fbl code, then iq132 or kenshiro may have something to do with it. but, if that's the case than +T+ would have gotten it and released fbl v1.10 or a mini update for us.


the mk3 thing... didn't it already have the ripped xbox games linked?


but you're talking about actual roms of mk3?


i'll have to see it to believe it. we've been down this road before... <_<:locked:


question: does nba jam run perfect, ie sound and "full speed" on this certain application?




p.s. this post will most likely be quoted elsewhere... standby for the following: newb, nose to spit his face, all they can make are icons and skins, web-site no one goes to. :rolleyes:

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hmm i read an old release thread for cpx3 which mentioned slowdowns in some games mostly when you unleash the special moves and best to set it to NTSC video format otherwise it might run choppy it was the V1 release so maybe these issues have been sorted since then i dont know for sure guess ill have to track down the release info and find out


regarding nba jam well i cant say for sure ive played it a few times seems to be fine and it has sound but im sure a user mentioned in a post elseware that the sound is incorrect

but i cant mind if it was nbajam or nbajamte he was talking about


mortal kombat 3 and some other games will be added to a new mame0.72 core i tested a few of these games for him last week but all seemed to have issue's

in that core some more than others i guess i want to find out if some extra work has been done to get these games to play better or if it will be as you were so to speak

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My understanding is that the FBL CPS3 code that iq_132 was working on didn't run full speed and to do so it would have required a complete CPU rewrite. That's why it was never released.


So bad :(

I really dream he analyses it :(

To remove CPS3 Emu of my xBox ... :P

One day maybe ... ;)

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Well, to be honest, CPX3 runs so well that I think if iq_132 wanted to spend that kind of time on FBL it would be far better utilised getting games running that have never been possible on the Xbox before such as Demon Front And DDP2. ;)

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