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Full Sharp X68000 HDF Files Released.

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this is a just a heads up to let people know that i have posted the full hdf set for the sharp x68000 computer.

games included are strider,castlevania(akouma jo dracula),super streetfighter 2,real bout fatal fury and so on.

there is also a second folder with all the doujin/homebrew hdf releases.

you know where to get this.


also coming soon is a game that has never been dumped before for the x68000.


illumination laser.


i will keep you posted on this.

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hi fumanchu,

I'm really a biiig fan of X68k and i'm tired of using dim and hdm files...

I'm really surprised by your announce " i have posted the full hdf set for the sharp x68000 computer"

But when you said "you know where to get this." i'm lost...

Please, help me to access this wonderful collection...

Tyvm mf :)

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Hi @fumanchu,


I'm a big fan of the Sharp X68000, and I also tried to find your pack everywhere, but I couldn't. Could you please also inform me by PM where I would be able to download it. I thank you in advance.

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