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1Emu v5 News: New Forums Layout!

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After half a decade of using an old/classic emulation forums layout, we have finally revised the entire boards for entry into 2012! Emulation, Homebrew, and Modding forums are now separated into 3 categories: for PC, Gaming Systems, and Tablets. We have also deleted many old forums (including, but not limited to: Mugen, Weblinks Exchange, Online Gaming, Anime/Art/Music, and many official emulator forums). Many old forums have also been renamed to something more exquisite :wink:. We hope this will make everyone's experience on 1Emulation a lot more specific and user-friendly. It was about time we got rid of all the clutter!


Finally, there is a new forum available for all the men here on the site called, "Men's Corner". This is a special 18+ forum, which will allow you to talk about any and all adventures with women, including the ability to post NSFW pics (non-pornographic). Please read the rules before posting.


Enjoy the changes and get ready for 2012!




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