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Welcome to... 1Emulation.com v5!

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Nearly 10 years in the making, we bring you 1Emulation v5! Many believed the site was dead and forgotten, but I am here to say that we will be working rigorously to bring this site back to its full climatic potential.


So many new things to mention -

* We have upgraded the forums to the latest Invision Board (it's about time!).

* The blogs are fully functional again! This is a huge deal, as they were non-functional for nearly 2 years.

* Brand new dark design and logo (if you can't handle the dark, switch to IP.Board at the bottom of the site)


Coming Soon

* Brand new downloads section (it's going to happen this time around!)

* New forums layout (for easier navigation)


As the host and creator of one of the longest running emulation sites, I must say that I understand the emulation scene is "nearly dead". Many are probably saying that it's already too late to try to revive such a site as ours. However, it's NEVER too late, as we have also forgotten the rise of emulation on other platforms (i.e. PS3 and Wii), and the nearly perfected Wii/GC Emulation via Dolphin. Emulation isn't dead... there just simply isn't a website currently on the Internet that knows how to showcase it correctly (in my humble opinion). 1Emulation is here again to hopefully change that!


Finally, I want to thank Miskie (for being an amazing Server Admin since 2003!), Hard Core Rikki (for entertaining me with knowledge of servers and scripts), and Lord_Snow (with tips on places to grab some cool apps to add to the site).


You all are awesome... join the Facebook group... subscribe the YouTube... and let's get global, dammit! :)


P.S. The site may seem sluggish for the first few days, but things should eventually start speeding up. Please report any bugs, errors, questions, and/or comments in this post.

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And we're back online! We had to set the forums to "Performance Mode"... some features may say they are disabled (viewing member profiles, etc.). After we do some testing throughout this week, we should slowly bring the other features of the forum online. Other than that, we ain't going anywhere. :)

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