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my Xbox Arcade Build...


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well, after about a year of talk actual results are happening.


at this stage i would like to thank my friend caleb. he's a handyman and i'm learning quite a bit to as why i will never become one myself. :)


sooooo... this is what i am trying to achieve:



this is what i have so far:





i have the top, back, and bottom cut to size too. i just haven't taken picture yet.


i have increased the bottom by 3.5" for more room and other options for later. maybe a subwoofer?? maybe a place for a rat to make a home?? i'm 6'1" so when it come down to it added height it is always appreciated. long term plan is to make a base for it so it stands at a normal arcade height. and that i can fold and put away, but that's along way off.


yes... i do have all the dims and degree's too for possibly doing another one.


when it comes to all the wiring and stuff i will be doing that with no help due to being a hvac service tech is my profession and electrical is EASY!!


idea's for the cp have changed due to discussions with sharpfork and ace9096 so i am going to change this:


...um, where's the pic?


anywho, they both have givin me idea's and helped me make things easier. this was discussed at the coinops forum that which i am no longer part of due to stuff like having an opinion and using the xtra's forum too.


i will update this hopefully soon with more pix and i really hope to have this completed by 2013!!


yes, 2013... i'm not made of money and these things take time. you just don't shell out projects left and right. :)

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at this point i found something about it that will kinda look weird... the marquee will be thin. oh well, first time building an arcade. i will work with what i got.


more pix for your viewing pleasure:







it's starting to take shape!! finally... :)

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@ace9094... is it the website that i used to be a part of??


yes it is :) i understand if you dont want it hosted there


i also recommend arcadecontrols.com

they have a project section


it's ok... just don't forget to mention me. :)

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ach not got the space for one of these but if i did dont think i could be bothered building one from scratch idd buy a ready made custom built to my spec's

model from ebay and so it would play all the games i want i fit it with a top spec pc


but i guess there's the pride from building it yourself kinda thing here

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