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my Xbox Arcade Build...


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@gamez fan: i considered buying full size cabs. had many oppurtunities too. just last week also. i also used to own a full size dynamo sf2 ce arcade. i miss it but moving it around was annoying and my apartment (tranlation: flat for you europeans) was small. ironically i live in a two bedroom house now with a garage.


yes it comes to having what little pride i still have left. think it was a great idea. it's coming around nicely.


and i can bring it to barbeques. :)

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haven't really updated here... oops:


i just got another modded xbox. only a 120gig hdd but i traded it for my unused atari 2600. i don't even know it worked and they couldn't check it either but they took it anyway.


[silly joke] and, WHAT THE!... :evil:



silly fortress maximus, it's not ready to play yet!

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