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Gamecop is more supportive than you think....but he only comes on every few months ;-)...you will be pleased to know though if I see him ill ask to get my account removed...the same as xbox scene...I did the same warning there and saw it go the way I knew it would....fuck all happens and its just all talk....and no one really comes for anthing cause there is nothing but talk...over the last 6 months it was surreal and to me HD in that was an hour at most job...maybe an hour or so to bug fix it.....

It's evident he doesn't care anymore. If he had come more often he would have most likely changed his mind about the responsibility he has given you. You have made a forum a platform for your bitterness. You have been so lucky though. That's all.

And you give yourself such an importance... LOL

Your account is still there at Xbox-Scene and it's a good thing because we can see how you behave since this (too) long time, there are tracks from you at least from 2005...

There are still topics covered at XS and people can be informed there, exchange and help each other. Same as on *snip*. Actually, this current xbox section is the only place dedicated to the "cult" of such a moron like you.

The reality is very different than your claims. Surreal64 is still evolving, Madmab is still adding features to the original Xport emus, candies are still made available etc. And the community is happy with these releases, hence your obsession to want to catch up with already done (720P, pixel perfect, filters and so on...) even if they are truly necessary features.

A community that can live without your raving though we all appreciate CoinOPS. Something you never have been able to understand. It's about your behavior and "policies" (credits, locks and so on...). But no need to develop further... No one is buying your bullshit. Even newcomers can realize that very quickly.


anyways it doesnt matter you are a wanker +t+ and now you guys can live with bad support and no real dev.....the people ive seen that say they can do stuff cant do the simplest things...also people can send out the new console cores and new midway core...and if they want the dvd player core


A pity you are reduced to insult your interlocutor just because you are out of arguments. Though you had some. And again, you give yourself too much importance. Nothing new here, new console cores and DVD player... LOL. New midway core... Yeah why not. But just release this and shut up then people will be free to judge...

Thankfully, there are still coders active on the scene. Just for once, consider the many emus and home-brews that were released the last 12 months...


New blog will start soon...but its only for dev really and not for other stuff...its will be tiny with just people that want new CoinOPS stuff and for it to move forward...all other stuff is no interest to me.....


Now this is maybe the only good idea you had since a very long time. Making yourself a tribune. No more excuses to not respond to requests for assistance and feedback from your users. It is obvious that you've always hated this. Despite your twisted answers amused us so much.


enjoy ill request this stuff is killed now.....best of luck...Ive seen the results of the others threads...so id say like all other places they go it will pretty much die and nothing of any interest will really come out anyways....and if it does it will take forewver to do simple things.....


You're no stranger to the aridity of this section. By far.


But I want to thank you personally in the name of a lot of people for all the laughs you've caused.


It's the only thing that will be missed since we will always be able to enjoy new versions of CoinOPS.

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Really, Waal?


Bow out gracefully, there is Amiga to consider....

...and much more. ;-)


Though I can't stop laughing seing the evolution of that great man and so the decline of (t)his forum section. Forgive me Phil but all this is so sweet after all this defaming and bullshit...


But this forum was so interesting long before...



waal go fuck your self this forum is nothing without BP and coinops SO YES I SAY IT AGAIN GO FUCK UR SELF

Unlike you, you pitiful ass-licker, I wasn't expecting anything from this lame forum section. Mwahaha.



OK enough then. I have to say good bye as well. That was fun. Thanks.

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