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Cmon 1emu crew report in.


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Gryph! I have a weird pimple on my face. What should I do? It looks like a normal pimple, but weirder.

Don't try to pop it. If it's hard then it might be nodule or cyst and trying to pop them is bad news.

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Leader of 1Emu Jihad

IQ_132 Al Sader: 40

Top Lieutenants

Drake Musab al-Zarqawi: 26

Superman Ayman Al Zawahiri: 17


Cell Members

Robbbert: 1

Ryuken: 8

Smilee: 1

Corn99: 1

L.S.D.: 1

Bubbawmu: 5

Agozer: 1(Foreign Fighter/Super Mod)

Boomba Goose: 3

Chaotica: 3

Solidius23 (Admin): 1

GryphonKlaw(Super Mod): 2

Neuronmaster: 3

Samurai Edge: 3


Thunderrrrr! Thunderrr!.....I mean Forum Attack!! Hoooooooo!!!.



Sturmvogel attacks GameCop with an Atomic Bomb (999 STR) and takes off 99!!

GameCop counterattacks with the Sword of Thundera (9999 STR) and takes off 999,999 CRITICAL HIT!!

You are permanently dead, and cannot be revived. Nice job. Thank you for playing!!!


GameCop takes 999 frags.


A shoutout to the bravest Jihadi of us all. Your 40 virgins are waiting my friend. And so is Osama.


Leader of 1Emu Jihad

IQ_132 Al Sader: 40 suicides


Reading the suicide thread in Forum Attack had me laughing my ass off. Those were the days...

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