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Guardian Heroes remake on 360

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Here is new images of the new Guardian Heroes game coming to 360 on xbla, the original game was a game that appeared on the sega saturn console and gained cult status.


The remake will have both the original and arranged modes, and there will be 45 playable characters and up to 12 players can play online, or 4 players in offline mode. There is a new Arcade Mode which supports network rankings, as well as a survival mode that allows you to battle against 21 opponents on screen simultaneously.










In HD:

Characters – upgraded to HD quality

Visual Effects – newly created in HD

Fonts – newly created in HD

Gauges – newly created in HD

Close-ups of Characters (in the character select screen) – newly created in HD


Same as Saturn:



Story mode



Voices – some are from the Saturn version, some are newly created

Arcade mode – paths are the same as the Saturn version, but AI’s are new

Versus mode – improved from Saturn version with additional rules and a more polished game balance)

Extra modes – newly created for XBLA version

Saturn Mode: All visuals are the same as the Saturn version except for the font and screen aspect ratio

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an absolutly brilliant game on saturn and i am really looking forward to this one and radiant silvergun of course.


100% agreed.


I will buy both of these Day 1, even though I still own Saturn originals of both. Was lucky enough to snag both Guardian and RSG on launch over a decade ago.

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