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CoinOPS 2 Auto-Rotate Vertical Games **w/ Pics**


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Sure I'll help test this. Really want to utilize my tv in portrait mode with CoinOPS and all the great shmups :) Thanks for the link. I'll look into that should I come across any other titles that aren't rotating. I've also realised that I will not be using the "Auto Rotate" feature with my tv in portrait mode since the controls rotate with it, making it extrememly difficult to play games lol. Now if we could have a seperate option to keep controls from rotating (BP you hearing this? lol)... :P


Phil, what was weird about those Striker games is that the video preview rotated when I enabled that option leading me to believe that the game would rotate also but it didn't. So if it is not suppose to be a vertical game then the preview shouldn't rotate.


So BP, which of these ideas/feature requests/fixes seems more feasible:


1. Fix the odd pixel tearing when vertical games are rotated or displayed in a side screen mounted mode.


2. Add an option to not have the controls rotate when "Auto Rotate Vertical Games" is enabled.


3. Create a vertical GUI for CoinOPS when the screen is mounted on the side so everything is not stretched and distorted, making it difficult to read. **The options menu (press start menu) also needs to rotate when screen mounting is enabled because currently it does not**


Maybe all 3...?



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Sorry it's taking me so long to take more pics. I've been adding to my setup. I actually have an additional 27" TV now (CRT) to the left of this setup. That TV is going to be for older consoles or possibly just Sega consoles (Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast). I'm trying to finish things up this weekend. May hang something on my bare walls too cause it looks blah to me lol. I got some Left 4 Dead movie posters I have never hung up so I may get those framed and put up :-)

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Thanks for the heads up, Sparda. I didn't know that. I'm actually really hating my plasma. It has image retention (burn-in) from playing Fallout 3 for a whopping 3 - 5 hours straight. Its absolutely permanent as I have been running static and 'wipes' for over two and a half weeks now. Zero improvement.


If you have an LED recommendations, let me know. I had wanted plasma because of the faster response rate and (IMO) better picture, but the hell with that now. This technology is still crap, no matter what the companies say.



I recently bought a 50 inch Plasma


Plasma screens cannot be "Tated", its really dangerous. You can kill you plasma if you rotate it. CRT or LCD and LED are ok for Tate

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And... I"M BACK! lol Sorry I've been gone for so long but I have recently hit the brick wall of revelations. All of this retro gaming through CoinOPS and other emus felt great but something was always missing. It just didn't feel right playing these games, or shall I say "roms", through emulation software rather than the real thing. And NO, you do not get any credit for this direction I have taken Sparda :lol: But my friend and I have recently been bitten by the "retro" bug! We have both been digging out the old consoles, scrubing them clean, buying new ones, and stocking up and TONS of classic games. I recently bought a Saturn (modded) but then realised that I would rather own the actual games than to be playing burned copies. And thus, my Saturn collection begins ;) I will still use CoinOPS for sure but probably (very likely) only for Arcade games. I'm not going to go out and buy a Neo Geo cab and the carts... or am I!?!? lol no, I'm not. Maybe one day though. We can all dream lol. So PHil my setup has been altered again and again. I have more shelves to house all of these games I've been buying and I'm pretty sure I've spoke about the crt tv I'm now using for my old consoles. But I'm sure it's still not good enough for you Sparda lol :) I like you :) Anyways, I still want to squish this bug on the rotating shmups!

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attached CoinOPS soften filter to consoles

attached CoinOPS 10x11 pixel ratio to consoles

attached CoinOPS antialising to consoles


made it easy to boot with no roms


opps sorry wrong thread ;-) out I was just letting you know above is redone code wise to insert into the final burn core as well as the coinops core

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