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CoinOPS 2 Auto-Rotate Vertical Games **w/ Pics**


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I just mounted my 32" LCD to my wall with a flush mounth that can rotate from landscape to portrait mode without any knobs or adjustments. Simply grab and rotate the tv. I wanted to play all of the vertical games in CoinOPS 2 with my tv in portrait mode but am running into a few issues (though not roadblocks... more info to follow). When I go into advanced settings and enable the "Auto-Rotate Vertical Games" option, I come back into the roms/games browser and notice that the vertical games preview videos are now rotated. I start up one of these games, and the game is not rotated at all. I've tried this with multiple games. The only "fix" I discovered was through the "Screen mounting" option. This however, stretches out the GUI and now horrizontal games are distorted. I want to be able to scroll through the games in the normal landscape mode, select a vertical game, load it up, see that the game is now displayed vertically, and then rotate my screen to play the vertical game. Is this possible or is there something I am doing wrong with the settings/games I am choosing?


Remember, the games video previews rotated, yet playing the game reveals that it has not rotated.


Also, I don't want a permanently side mounted screen. Having to turn this option on/off is a hassel. Especially because the options don't rotate...


I will update later with pics for you Phil :)


Playing a vertical shooter vertically rather than squished horizontally is like night and day...


Edit: Pics uploaded and a few posts down...

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show us some pics...i want to see how its rendering on your screen.....hope you're not using bilinear.....and did you buy a SLG3000 for scanlines ? otherwise, lowres shmups looks like shit on such HD screen.

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I picture the "Butthurt Dweller" when I try to picture what you look like Sparda due to how smug you sound.


All kidding aside, you come across as an ass sometimes :) Here's to hoping that I'm wrong. I'll humor you and respond as if you care and are being constructive :(


I'm not at home so no I can not post pics of this in action. I was using the "Pixel Perfect x3" while vertical and it looked great to me (again, this is where you are probably saying "Pssh, what a noob. I know what's best. My own opinion."). There were some black bars still above and below but that is expected. I've got all my emulators set up to be pixel perfect (Fancy Xbox) in 720p. I currently do not feel the need to add scanlines and am happy with the outcome.

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Here are the pics :)


Here is DoDonPachi running with Perfect Pixel AutoFit (aka x3), no antialiasing, and 0 flicker in portrait mode (by using the screen mounting option and rotating my tv). I did notice something odd happening to the graphics in portrait mode though.



Top of the screen where the odd pixel tearing appears most prominent:



Bottom of the screen where it appears less prominent:



Now here is a shot of the same game running in landscape mode with my tv rotated back (still Pixel Perfect Auto Fit):



Notice that in landscape, the tearing does not happen and the game looks great with pixel perfect auto fit. Just a lot smaller :(


BP do you think you could fix this odd graphical glitch that appears to only be happening when you mount the screen on the side? My tv is a 32in LCD running CoinOPS in 720p. Or is there a setting/option that I am missing? lol I ask that a lot :P


BONUS PIC!!! lol This is my modified X-Arcade stick and the laptop platform I also modified to hold it. It's on wheels so I can pull it out in front of my tv when I want to or store it away on the side of my room. There are some corner "L" brackets with padding on them helping hold the X-Arcade in place (2 side, 2 back). But they aren't attached so I can remove the X-Arcade easily should I want the cart for something else.


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I noticed that distortion too in Ms. Pac-Man when rotated in 720p mode. If you look closely the distortion areas are shaped like triangles. Its odd. I'd be willing to help test too in order to discover the issue. Its small, but annoying. :P


Pajankle, try it in 480p mode and see if the problem persists.


Talk soon

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I'll try it tonight in 480p. It would be really cool if we could hammer out this little annoying issue. Everything else is working great :P BP I also noticed that other games I tried when just using the "auto rotate" feature did actually rotate. So maybe it was just a few games having problems and I can't remember which ones it was :) lol. I remember seeing the "Psyiko" showing up in the first screens so I'm thinking it was the Striker series.

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I agree. Its very minor though. Pajankle, would you be willing to help BP and I test when the time comes?


Regarding your problem with some vertical games not rotating, its possible that they are actually listed as horizontal by MAME. If you come across one that doesn't work, look it up at the MAWS database and see what its orientation is. Its its not identified as vertical, CoinOps won't know to rotate it.



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