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Light Gun \ D-Pad issue


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Hi guys


I have been "slowly" testing games in my cab, I just wondered if anyone knows how to fix "Gun games" issue I got....


WHen I play a gun game I can only go left and right, I cant go up and down on the stick.... yet all other games are fine to use the up and down so I know the controls are fine on my machine!


any idea's?

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remove the cfg files from the cfg folder for those games.......sorry ace lightgun is fixed for cirtain types of guns but removed due to extras team....its in the sources though and easy to insert if someone wanted to do it....but I couldnt be arsed as cba said he was doing it and told me I didnt know what to do....its an easy fix and if its to be done right id add another setting for diff configs of diff guns.....the diff guns run differently....


anyways if other work but those dont then you have the gun type im supporting and just remove the cfg files as I maped them to gamepad

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