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got myself a jtag 360...


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just picked up a jtagged 360 with lt+ dvd firmware yesterday and it runs like a dream.its the falcon model so the RROD should not be a problem hopefully.

i already have a flashed 360 but i wanted to a jtag to play all those region locked japanese shmups and i have them all.

ketsui x

dodonpachi dai ou jou black labelx

strike witches

espgaluga 2 black label

mushimelisima futari 1.5

raiden 4

raiden fighters aces

otemedius gorgous

senko no ronde 2

senko no ronde 1


deathsmiles 2x

shikigami no shiro 3

dodonpachi dai fakkutsu 1.5

dodonpachi dai fakkutsu black label(disc version)


getting in the next couple of weeks

muchi muchi pork/pink sweets

shooting love xx

gal gun

virtua on force(released exclusively in japan)

otomedius ecxellent

bullet soul



i have been trying some of the emulatrs out on the jtag

ds0ne360-nintendo ds emu for 360,plays very slowly but the graphics emulate well.

fbanext360-really good emulator,i mainly use this for the pgm games as i can emulate everything else on xbox.

mame360-not easy to set up this one,still getting my head round it.


BTW does anyone know of a good pc app for biulding isos out of these emus for the 360 as the 360 wont let me burn these emulator files to the hdd in raw form.but yet these emulators run fine when burned as a disc and played through the dvd drive.

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no these are games i own,the jtag came with the newest kinect dashboard and frestyle dash and a couple of other apps.

i am currently putting all those games on the 360 hdd that came with it,60gb in my case.

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did you do the jtag yourself or purchase it from someone who does them?

i bought it from someone over at xbox scene in the buy sell section,the guy buys consoles and mods them.

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i really like this machine just for the region free alone.i havent messed around much with emulation though might get round it at some point.

fave 360 shmup of the moment.

dodonpach daiffakutsu black label the one with ketsuipachi mode.


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