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Ninja Gaiden 3

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I am so getting this when it's released. By all accounts, the gore is back even in the eventual PS3 version. Sigma 2 certainly wasn't devoid of fun and action even with the oddball choice of censorship, but if you are going to make a game about a ninja (or two, three) killing other ninjas and demons with a variety of weapons in a very violent manner, the game needs to portray said violence with the required detail.


I never quite understood the reasoning behind Sigma 2's censorship, considering how the original game was very bloody and Sony certainly isn't shying away from overly violent games when it comes to the PS3.

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Ninja Gaiden III project lead Yosuke Hayashi has dished some details on the game in the latest edition of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, and it looks as though players are going to be seeing a darker Ryu Hayabusa than ever before.


According to the magazine, Ninja Gaiden III with focus “more deeply on Ryu Hayabusa’s life and lifestyle and feelings and thoughts,” with Hayashi describing him as “a dark Japanese hero.”


“We are trying to take the violent concepts even deeper and make people realize how it feels to actually kill someone and what it is to actually gut someone,” he said. “It’s very important to us that people realize that violence is not only about blood and gore.”


Hayashi mentioned that “there won’t be new playable characters,” in the game, and the team is taking a different approach to the game’s difficulty level.


“We know that many fans feel good about the difficulty level, but we are taking a slightly different approach,” he explained. “It’s not that the game’s going to be easier – nothing like that. It’s just that we are trying to make a whole game, a more exciting game that can be enjoyed by anyone.


“But at the same time, hardcore gamers will be able to feel and appreciate what the series is about.”


Hayashi went on to say the game would include a “complex multiplayer mode,” and than any word on whether it would support Move or not was a closely guarded secret.


No word on a release date yet, but the game is expected to get a full reveal during E3 in June.



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I just want Ayane back. She's beyond awesome in Sigma 2. Don't mind Rachel or Momiji either.


Not sure, I found them a hassle, because I had to learn to play with three other characters, when I was still trying to master playing with Ryu, with a specific weapon.

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