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Egypt is Revolting.

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Army is on the streets

Curfew imposed

Vehicles and buildings on fire.


They've defied the curfew so they're shooting the protestors now.


are they using riot guns (rubber bullets etc) of using live rounds?

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I've been following the events in Egypt since 11am Eastern standard in the U.S. CNN has had constant coverage, with their foreign correspondents providing grainy video and sporadic coverage of the protest, despite journalists being attacked by police forces. This in addition to Internet and phone services being blocked.


Every program on CNN, from late morning till present time has had continuous coverage, airing a press conferences by Secretary Clinton on the events, Mubarak's press statement, and Obama's press conference.


I'm not sure what channel you're watching Elazul...I know it's day 4 into the protest, and maybe early coverage was lacking, CNN at least is on top of things.

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CNN is reporting incorrect things at points, but that's to be expected.


I posted about the media coverage the first 2 days.




It's confirmed that Mubarak is planning a massacre. He's going to put down the revolt "Regardless of the cost"



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Looks to me like the army there doesn't much care for what the president wants, they seem to be calm with the people in the streets and just hanging around to try and keep some peace. The police were the violent ones, but they're done for and have fled or changed into civilian clothing and joined the mob.


The president there needs to realize that with almost everyone against him, there are only 2 outcomes to this.


A: They catch up with him eventually and kill him


B: He flees the country


He seems hellbent on keeping power, so I see A as the only outcome.

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Government Thugs are going around looting and burning. People are gathering to protect their neighborhoods, the apprehended some of the thugs, and they have Ministry of Interior (cops) ID's.


It's the same tactic Bin Ali tried before he finally stepped down.



I'm worried sick, not for my possessions, but for my friends and family.

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Opposition commissioned Al-Baradei to negociate with the gov for a peaceful transition.

Seems the entire egypt is in the streets screaming to its heart's content for mubarak to scram.

This is no longer manifestation, rather a nationwide insurrection. Cairo is difficultly recognizeable and looking more like a warzone.

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