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Internet friends aren't who they claim to be?


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Hahaha I'm talking to her on twitter and looking through her blogs (without her knowledge). I'm mentioned in quite a few of them. And apparently I'm homosex. I guess that makes sense since OP is always a fag

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This is pretty hilarious. Anyways, it's currently out of my system. You gotta figure, this is almost six years of information and dox thrown my way and then searched through various sites that she had spoken about. Had she not used real names, would have been different. I'm currently figuring out what drove her to such deceit in the first place, but I already know why she had involved so many fake profiles...

Oh, and I did locate the remaining important characters via facebook while logged on to her account. They weren't her actual friends, but mutual with others. This does include the Ricky character. I'm trying to sort out all of the madness on her blogs, which are an incredibly depressing read... but it's a hard tell wtf actually went on. It appears that she really is in therapy, and is prone to binge drinking and pill popping (xanax and all)

I was mentioned in a handful of her blog posts, and also "interacted" with her. Her fantasy world bled a bit into her real world.

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