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Kratos is in Mortal Kombat

Devia Eleven

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I was just wondering, how many games with platform-exclusive characters is there so far? Off the top of my head I can at least name Soul Calibur II (Heihachi/Spawn/Link) and Soul Calibur IV (Yoda/Darth Vader/Star Killer?). Any others?

Well im speaking in general, like you mentioned we have soul calibur, im sure there are more out there. For instance, Sega All star racing, which has Banjo exclusively on the 360 version and the other versions for wii and ps3 what do they have? nothing.. Just stock characters that were originally intended for the game. Here we have Mortal Kombat including Kratos, now what if the 360 version some how someway didn't have any 'special' characters and just the stock characters. Just imagine how many nerds/fanboys will get pissed.


I bet there are people misinformed about Kratos being in mortal kombat as well.. People who own a 360 might even actually believe that Kratos will also be in the Xbox version of Mortal Kombat. That's why i believe this whole exclusive shit is retarded..

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I'm of the mindset that if a developer bothers to create an exclusive character for one port of a given multiplatform game to begin with, they should do the same for all ports. Having said that, exclusive characters are marketing gimmicks at best and bound to piss of some section of the fanbase.

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All it does is make fans rage over the internet, well said.


I have both systems, and just because the PS3 has an exclusive, I'm already put off by the PS3 version. I can't believe people are thinking that the 360 version is going to have Master Chief, I mean, he would be in synchronization with Cyrax and Sector, but he doesn't really fit.


He was in the latest Dead or Alive game and he barely fit in that.

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I could give a shit about bonus characters. especially Kratos. I don't like him as a character design myself. I think the assassins creed guy would fit in well with MK though.

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I think the assassins creed guy would fit in well with MK though.

Neither Altaïr nor Ezio are supernatural enough for Mortal Kombat. Plus, ripping their opponents' spines or doing something overly violent per MK standards doesn't fit the characters either.


Kratos does fit that bill though. Like a glove.

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