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how would facebook "suddenly" reject your "account"


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:) :) :)

Its telling me it does not recognise my account - then on the same hand my friends list im still showing - my email is intact no worry there not even seen a message to signify a change.

My password was pretty good - in all honesty, was reccomended as "strong" i dont care what anyone says you have to be very computer savy to hack a computer with no hints to the original posts for passwords and emails...

come on guys give me a clue.

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I still see your FB Ems.... did she change your password? I don't see any strange posts... just the regular strangeness. haahah

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No guys she changed my password last night - I went to lend a girl I know with 3 kids a fiver and she got really really jealous - when I got back I couldnt log in to my facebook - I checked today and someone had changed my password - she does not know my email password so she couldn't go for the killer blow - i reset it today.

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