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So WTF is going on with CoinOPS?


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I don't have an upgraded hd in my xbox but would like to download CoinOPS EPIC anyway, would it work alright if the roms are streamed to my xbox? im not very knowledgeable with xboxes or hard drives.


also, when epic is released where might i download it? if its a torrent i should find it alright.



ive enjoyed playing coinops with my friends and family so your work is not unappreciated. thank you

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If you can upgrade CoinOPS cores to work over smb it will be best for big games !

Because Arcade, old console ... use less space on hdd, but N64 take more, and PSX ISOs are very big if you want use many of them !

An 500 Go hdd is not enought for all the arcade games, console games and all they're video previews !!!

Video take many place too :)


Thanks a lot

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well im never going to add 20,000 games....it makes my life painfull seeing I have 50 games I wont play for every 1 that I would play....thats for you guys to add all the clutter ive tried it with people I know and in the end they want full sets like 20,000 C64 games removed as they cant find the games they want.....but they all say at the start I want them all...then come back and go actually its painfull now for me to find a game I want can you please give me showroom and ill add a few games I want that arnt in the list (someone times a few rare ones that played and just remember for old time sake)


so 120 gigs would be max....and it would be more like 30gig for emu for people I know and generally in real world tests they use less than 10 gigs worth including videos.....



I guess its bettter said by someone far greater than I could ever be

Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction (Albert Einstein)


but after that rant I still might add smb support as its not a biggie but id never use it personaly and have a LITE build for standard HDD that fits on E drive and has all the biggies

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in one day this will be handed over to offical forum for release....and ill be out of here...ill leave offical open to sort out stuff but if it gets trolls issues ill lock it unless people tell me to ban though that cause them pain...if not ill lock it down and you guys can find it im sure

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its 90 percent synced so far.....still have to ask there was at least one video that was the incorrect game in the last build what was it?????


I cant test that side and if no one answers it may just remain uncorrected for you guys...once agin its up to you guys I dont see that build



Hi BP!


The videos are


Alligator Hunt which accidently got Alpha Mission II




Chamelon X which accidently got Chack n Pop


Can't wait for Epic!

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OK its limited to 5 psx games


Time Crisis

Strider 2

Castevania Syphony of the Night

Tekken 3 (seems to require pressing start or a button while booting to work....cant understand why but it works and no settings to disable sound like normal)

Ridge Racer


classics but I have alot more but the pack is massive and any one can make a package for these if they want

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