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  1. Oh crap. Looks like I'll have to drag out my NDS and charge it. Looks great! Hopefully it's out soon.
  2. There is absolutely no password on the "CoinOPS EPIC" that is posted in a.b.xbox and a.b.boneless. Trust me, I know! The pars are coming now.
  3. Coming now to usenet. Pars soon. God bless you if you upload it on the newsgroup (oh well, even if you don't ) Seriously guys: USENET. Upload it once, then the server farm takes care of it and for 600~700 days it'll be available at FULL speed for everyone (with NG account) http://www.slyck.com/Newsgroups_Guide_Posting http://www.newsgroupreviews.com/upload-to-usenet.html
  4. And I look forward to giving you constructive feedback when I get it. Unfortunately it's now going to take 6+ weeks even on my 25M/25M connection. At this rate, you'll have a whole new version already out! lol
  5. Just out of curiosity, are there plans to send to usenet? I was getting the torrent at 1MBps which was going to take about 1 day and then it dropped way down and now it's going to take 6 days and climbing which is why I'd rather wait for it on usenet. Of course if someone can give me private access I can get it to usenet much faster. If not, I'll gladly send it to usenet if/when I get a complete download from torrents.
  6. Ok. I'll start looking around (so far no luck) but I'm also the worst at finding these things. lol. Looking forward to having some time off over the holidays and this will definitely give me something to do.
  7. Because of the recent mess with torrents and trackers in the USA specifically (ICANN please vote to remove control from the USA!!!) , someone please remember to send EPIC to the newsgroups once it is complete. I just added a massive drive to my XBOX and this will be the first thing I install on it since it's been collecting dust for several years now. I will gladly pack EPIC all up and send to newsgroups if I had access to it. Contact me privately though as I think I can probably help.
  8. Too awesome! Bring it on!! Just bought a larger harddrive (512GB) for my XBOX in hopes of adding whatever the latest Coinops is at the time so this is great news. Hopefully it will be out during the holidays since I'm finally going to have some time to play games. As always, if you need any help just let me know.
  9. ace9094 and (.)(.), are you guys getting my pms? Just not sure as I haven't gotten any replies and they aren't showing in my sent items either after being sent. Odd.
  10. No offense taken. since I couldn't send you contact info on here, I sent it to you on emuparadise. There are a bunch of details on everything you requested in my message to you. It's entirely up to you but I'll help all I can. FWIW, I've been around for a very long time, just not active lately. By relative terms, I'm old. lol
  11. I'd be more than glad to help out but since I just signed up on here, I can't send you a message. Maybe if you can send me one, I can reply and we will get the ball rolling? Thanks.
  12. Newly registered as a user on here but been following the threads on Coinops for quite awhile. I'd be glad to help out, either by seeding or uploading the whole thing to newsgroups (preferred). I am on a 25/25 link and also have access to a T3 although I'd rather not use it except to upload to newsgroups. Just need some way to access it (the full version with all of the roms/games etc). I know it's large and I'd gladly download it over several nights if needed. I should be able to upload it to newgroups fairly quickly.
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