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Im drained. I just ranted on the Xbox forum and I havnt the motivation to type all my issues.


It just plain sucks. Arid sterile white blades with NO options to customize it. Annoying clackity sounds while navigating. Flat panels with no depth... I havent checked netflix but I think I will be even more disappointed than I already am.


Why the FUCK would they not have the ability to customize the blades? Why did they ever remove that option. They had brushed aluminum and all sorts of other textures. Now... just white. Not even gray scale edges... white... just like this fucking box Im typing into right now.


What the fuck. Someone needs to be fired.


They better patch this bullshit with options. Damn it...

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I actually prefer it. I was in the beta for the last month. only issue is the new dash fucked me and I'll be banned next banwave, I'm sure.

Still can't play Fable III.

The nice thing about netflix is it now has a search. still can't just browse everything in a category. the Fucking Wii Netflix interface is better. WTF?

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Navigation needs tweaking, I do not mind the flat interface, as opposed to stuff further on the list showing up in a skew angle, giving it depth.


I do mind however, the sterile white. WTF! On top of that the angles of the blades/menus are 90 degrees. It just feels and looks like shit.


The need to update it with some options to customize the blades. Shapes and textures/colors:gradients. That is NOT too much to ask. It is not hard at all and would take NO time to get that implemented.

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Xbox.com erased a flood of threads complaining about the new UI. I can understand cleaning up... but what I see is MASSIVE DISCONTENT about the new UI. The threads were in feedback and wish list... And they are gone. A sticky thread seems to be hijacked... lol


I had to summarize but I put my word in too.

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