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Its a job just like any other in respect to your examples. I have had alot of different types of jobs over the past 15 years, and there is no difference in my opinion, when you break factors down. The only difference from other jobs is the perks of working with something I know best, and the discount on games. Ah, that and I know the staff very well and they will be great to work with.


I know shit happens, but my job stability will not be fragile. I wont fuck up. Im used to customers that dont know what the hell they are doing.


I spoke frankly to one guy at ACE Hardware. I was pretty damn good at fixing just about any problem. A customer was being an ass and I said something contrary to what he said. He said " The customer is always right " which isnt a literal figure of speech. I looked right at him and said " If that is so, why do I have a job? " Or something to that extent. My point, is throughout the years I am very very used to customers who do not know what the fuck they are doing... at all... period. My point, the job is fundamentally identical to any other random job.

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Working there is also not fun at all.

wow.... welcome to the real world. they call it work for a reason. :)

no one says: "bye dear, time to go to fun!"

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Well I believe he was trying to oppose my possibly thinking of it as all fun and games.


Im stoked. I know works work, and I gotta preform. Often this is luck... Did enough people come in? Did I upsell enough? (strategy guides, insurance, etc.) Sales is a pain in the ass sometimes, and thats what this job is. Sales. At least I'll be working with something I "believe in" Opposed to marketing for bullshit like the telemarketing I did. But then again... there are things like... game boats... LOL


I'll curdle up inside every time I sell a Kenetic game or accessory, Wii fitness, or any of those stupid imagine games on the DS. Etc. Etc. But I'll get over it.

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Congrats on getting a job, however long you end up staying etc. Having a job in almost all situations is better than nothing. With the economy we're in, I'm thankful I have a job. At the very least, it gives you income (super important!) and some breathing room to buy you time to line up a better job...if you so seek it.


As you said already Will, you have to do what it takes, all the while enjoying the perks.

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Yeah but gamestop is particularly bad. I know work isn't always fun, I'm not stupid. They treat you like shit and they don't care because they will replace you in seconds. My buddy was a manager at 3 of em and he still got treated like shit by the people above him.

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Thanks Sturmvogel


And thanks for the input Shiba.


But every job I had did not appreciate me fully. Even when I got promotions and advancement and more hours at the warehouse in Florida, I wasnt treated with respect fully. I am was asset to most jobs I worked. Though I was never treated as such. I think dynamically, quickly and completely about any given situation. Im charismatic, polite-friendly, I dont bring garbage bullshit from my personal life into work with me. When I am at work, I am the role needed: I dont become the role, Im already there. I have gotten alot of positive feedback from my customers at most jobs and it makes me feel good. I go above and beyond what is necessary to achieve perfection. I am high energy. And not 1 job fully appreciated what I do. Not one.


Point is, Im used to places taking advantage of me. I cant think of one job where they didnt benefit from my employment, and at the same time treat me as such. I was "replaceable" as there will always be customers and someone else can do my job, even if its not as good. Nobody gives a fuck.


So now there is GameStop. I dont expect them to say "holy shit Will your the best ever!" Even if I was. I will do well and I hope that I get lucky enough to make those numbers add up. As for the store employees and Manager, they are good people and I have known them on a first name basis for over a year now. I will be noticed, for good or bad. As for the GM and DM and etc etc... I dont plan on them seeing me more than just a #... until my #'s start adding up and they see I am responsible for X ammt. of $$$ coming in. Even then I will not get paid what I am worth, Im used to it.


Shit happens, life if random. Who knows what is going to happen. But I plan on wrestling this bull to the ground and then go after another. If I stay on, I plan on advancement...


As for fun... I have high hopes, lets see

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