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What does "left wing "right wing" mean in politics?


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It is also a way of keeping your thoughts in the box.
or left wing is for poor people right wing is for rich people even?

See, he just warned you about thinking inside the box... But yes, that is generally what is perceived.

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American's don't know what to fathom anymore. Both parties are a fucking mess right now. There actually are a couple separate parties right now gaining a lot of attention, but they are even bigger messes. They seem like even more terrible people to vote for. The parties are blending and going against what they previously stood for and then these new parties that are formed because people are pissed at parties they where previously aligned with....ugh....I can't even begin to explain this mess. It makes me sick. Unless you have been following it for awhile now there is a lot to be filled in on too. Its basically all a bunch of stupid PR bullshit though.

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I go "you vote conservative?" they go "did i bollocks"

even though a major city is only a blip on the overall vote...

Fucking liberals, soon saw where their bread was buttered.

The only thing labour really fucked up was immigration.

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To answer the original question, for the UK. Left Wing = Labour Party, Right Wing = Conservatives.


If you want to go extreme left wing, you would be Communist while extreme right wing would be Fascist.

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