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Here's to two player/two controller alternating and to Allowance Mode in CoinOPS Epic!


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Good luck with what ever your doing....ill consider you as I have from day one nothing to offer the project....so ill have to ignor you to do with CoinOPS as really it gets no one anywhere and never has im sorry I do think your a newbe but worse than that one that wont listen so I feel sorry for anyone that gets your stuff as it clearly has many issues but its not really my concern..... good luck with your life....


Nothing to offer here im back to offical thread....ill expect you will only see the trolls...and no action will happen here


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To the trolls


Your total score is 28.


Scores between 24 and 34 are normal (The average is 29).


If your score is 35 or more you may be narcissistic.


If your score is 23 or less you may be lacking in self-confidence.


....fun test


but in life there are winners and losers....and its not hard to spot the difference without tests..... :) I do this daily....on a professional level using interlect....eg if people go into your a cock statments as all trolls have then they are losers and care about it and nothing better to offer...to me once I here that it screams loser especially from people who cant change the simplist things and say I cant....get over it if I judge on your merit to me and prove your not....words and tests mean nothing compaired to history


my gut insticts from day one have never been provin incorrect to my way of thinking and im fine that it runs vice versa....as I say im happy in life and all ive done and said


people saying this is hard or I cant do this or that and then saying ive tried being nice etc means little to me....just prove yourself I dont need to score you


My real world test on you guys have only strengthened my thoughts (and yes I love the tests to much I know) you guys are trolls and have little to no skills and lack vision and have poor structual checks and balances....so as ive said 100 million times I wouldnt want you as part of my stuff and enjoy your life....create non CoinOPS threads and see if anyone cares or I hate BP threads.....I do believe what I say and have good reasons to think so....hopefully one day you prove me wrong and ill admit it but till now all I see is misinformation easy features not done saying they are hard, not listening to people that coded the projects advice calling names setting up I hate BP threads and general crying.....its sad really but my tests where to confirm if your the right stuff and clearly rx is correct we cant work together and ps yes ive seen cba skins....ouch what more proof does one need

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