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Here's to two player/two controller alternating and to Allowance Mode in CoinOPS Epic!


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oh dear, he we go again,


My stuff works 100%, my stuff doesn't stutter or crash and flows 100%.

In fact, there isn't a CoinOps out there that works properly is there ?

Im doing something right, it's you that isn't.


Your attitude is very different when you need something isn't it !

As iv'e said before, i "wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire".

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your a newbe cba I dont want anything from you ever :) you know that...what am I asking for? no ida anyways yes your right no CoinOPS works 100percent but all are miles ahead of anything else ive seen on the xbox ever miles ahead....and are very close...alot closer than other build you can dream all you want the rx build is of the same quality but its not even close from a mame setup perspective apart from the dats I supplied which is 90percent of the build....but the rest to me isnt even close and id spend the 2 hours or so and clean it up mame wise but thats just me...if one isnt whiling to see theres issues then one cant move forward they are stuck in newbe land....you know what I mean ;)


hey hows your light gun build or the screen co ords in FBL newbe level to add that or that new Super GUI thats going to make CoinOPS not needed hahahahahahaaha funny funny shit cba will own soon with his skills......I see you draw massive numbers to your stuff cba your threads on this stuff are quite the hit maybe no one comments cause they do know your a newbe like me....ive never seen any action though even though some of it are 5minute adds :) PLEASE CBA HELP ME CODE SOMETHING PRETTY PLEASE I NEED YOUR SKILLS IM BEGGING YOU hahahahahahaha


good luck rx ill leave you with your deicated skillfull helpers :) they really know there shit thats for sure......good luck rx you will need it for sure

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Now i know your initial post was to draw attention to yourself as you have no-one to talk to.

I wasn't going to indulge you at all but i felt like a giggle, so i'll make it brief.

Again, as iv'e been saying for over 2 yrs, where do you get your information from, comic books ?

My lightgun build floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee, how does yours work ?

Badly is what i hear from your helpers. No you can't have any patches, work it out yourself newb.

My multi-emu launcher also is the bee's knees, it's been around for a very long time now, 3 - 4 yrs.

You ought to drag your ass out of the basement, stop with this inwardly pointing opinion and take a look at what's out there.


Ah fuck it, i can't be bothered with the likes of you.

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Hey BP,


Thanks for keeping the posting rate so high. You're indeed the n°1 emulator by yourself. The scene, and so mankind, wouldn't live without your wisdom.


And everybody needs to add 10 minutes of laughter to his day after all.



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There is no "Rx Build" for any MAME stuff.


There is simply a collection of roms with the dupes and non-working games cut out.


I pretty much lost interest in MAME years ago when I teamed up with Madmab and Gilles and we could actually work together to make some great things happen.


That just couldn't happen with us, and I was tired of beating my head against a wall.


We've got nearly 10,000 downloads covering all systems since the Xtras 1.0 were released. Not bad considering it's only been a few months out now and you've been making releases for at least 4 years. I'm sure we'll catch up someday.

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if you look at just one product....the biggest downloaded one (as most people that downloaded the most downloaded one downloaded the others...so the most popular ...eg its snes :) ) then the numbers arnt to good IMO....

I add coin limitation stuff to the GUI....best of luck with your stuff im glad personally to be rid of all the other emu and so are the people that I talk to...some have it on but they are using it less and less and ill find the features they want and intergrate it nicely for them....


So after playing with the differences of the 2 products its pretty clear to me my decision to not work with your vision was best for me and people I know....im happy with it and im sure you are as well ;) its a win win


as you know im now gather alot more followers and some of the xtras team have now come over....also its clear alot of your team are the trolls and are pretty much ignored....infact its always the same people promoting and thanking people for there stuff....its wierd to me I dont get anyone from my teams to support my stuff ever....I see a post say by one member and then a this is the best thing by 2-3 others of the team then its a dead thread....maybe im wrong its just the way it looks to me...same on xbox scene to me.....its a shame really but each to there own im sure its a good way forward, thats just a personal observation that stands out to me but if you think im wrong well thats all good to me it seems a no brainer


and for everyone getting your mame version I was pleased to see it only took a day or 2 to override that number and pretty much everything I see is a proper version so its fantastic for me support wise no offense....im glad as you know that I didnt get my name to it for obvious reasons to me....but im glad for others they mostly didnt as well


Hey ill leave you to your stuff I recommend you bump it or whatever....best of luck with it Ill get on with things....ive said my peace I stand by what I say and beleive its what ive seen and researched and I wish you the best in whatever you have planned.....if im wrong in stuff I say I dont really care I know where ive been heading for years and im happy as with it and the response it has


IM OUT GUYS GO TO OFFICAL THREAD :) you know what I mean


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The only problem is that nobody can ever find your stuff. :)


Too many things that CoinOPS can't do for the emulator consoles. It's the best for Arcades, but it's missing way to many features on the console emus for me to bother with it for anything else.





Funny how you're starting another argument with me and insulting my work again when I came here being nice to you. Even more funny that I'm still surprised every time you do this.

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people in mass find my stuff it out downloads your in days two to three normally from one site alone let alone all the others...the same one you used :) so its an easy compair.....do a google search and you see every page is for Showroom download links and none of yours I can see... anyways these are just facts and im sure your aware of this stuff....


Thanks for what you have done and best of luck with what ever your doing......im sorry I dont like your vision but I honestly dont...


PS you should stay away and just download my stuff if you want it....I tell you the same story I always have and unless something happens I see this point of view I have growing strong and stronger.... ill always stay on point about why I want things x way and why I totally disagree with rx way....do your own project or what ever its all good to me or follow the path of success others do its your choice those are the rules.....anyway continue with your stuff dont come to CoinOPS and think anythings changed or ever will, if you want change build your own mames like cba is lol

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