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I have been thinking about trying CoinOps but have some questions.


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ys Killer Instinct EMU for xbox are out there..the new CoinOPS Inferno will support Killer Instinct....also ill be looking at mameb6 core for all NBA jam MK and other midway stuff after the first Inferno....there will be a list of other stuff soon.... also as for activity the offical thread owns this one by about 100 times





I'll try to reply in the other thread after this....


thank you (.)(.) for your reply. I'm going to call you BG... short for booby guy because those look like a pair to me


I'll try to read a little more but there is honestly way too much going on in that other thread. I understand KI is okay now for CoinOps Infersno...but Are you saying that i can't play nba jam (non home console version) on my xbox at full speed with sound yet?


I mostly want to play that game...on a big ass tv ...even if it looks ugly...and i need to hear the announcer say HE'S ON FIRE!! because its awesome.



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nope use mameb6 or mame.72 for now if those are the games you really want...it will be sorted but its not that easy to get the orig sources to compile


Once again thanks. You've been a great help. I look forward to reading the rest of your 150 page thread lol

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so i've got mameb6 and mame 72. *schwing*


when i throw all my zips into the ROM folder for mameb6 and i run NBA JAM regular rev 3 or rev 4 I find it is NOT running at full speed.


I thought maybe i had it mixed up so i ran NBA Jam TE as well but still a little jittery.


So.. i am wondering a few of things...


-do I not have the latest revision?

-is this the best I'm going to get on xbox?

-or are my memories of the arcade game just too fond... and it was always hit with frame rate stutters


Thanks folks

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