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Ok so I've been working with the original DS. Screen is dark, and the battery only lasts for 3 hrs now. (lots of use)


Well I know the 3DS is on its way, but I have been playing Dragon Quest IX nonstop. 110+ hrs in already. I got fed up. Battery always needing recharging. Screen so dim.


2 days ago I was in Gamestop and I talked myself out of buying one. Figured id find it online. Well... I decided to hell with waiting for the perfect opportunity and went in today. Lo and behold, there is a deal. 1 of 5 games free when you buy a new one. I picked up Spirit Tracks. Yea yea I could always get a Cycolo but to hell with it. I emulate so much... but when it comes to new shit I havent. I guess its my way of contributing to the market... making sure I support the makers. Thats what I tell myself anyway heh


Anyway, My old DS was lacking in so many departments I didnt even know! Now I know how dim my screen was... And now I have screens that'r almost 100% bigger, some online store, demo's I guess... Built in brain age games, camera, audio recorder, music playback, internet browser. etc etc


Now, the 3DS is coming soon enough... I am so hyped. This thing is stronger than the wii, and looks better than the PSP. Sidenote, my friend suggests the emulation scene for this will be great, considering the processing power of it. But of course I'll still buy my games. 3D without glasses... That alone makes me want to see it. The games... I must own this thing.


I hope I dont get spoiled though, my XL screens are

4.2 inches (106.68 mm)



3.53 inches (89.66 mm - top) 3.02 inches (76.7 mm - bottom)


But anyway, this DSI XL is great. I have big hands and it fits perfectly. Its as if they made this personally for me... as no one else seems to mind the small size of the lite/dsi. I think that was one of the things that helped me make the choice to not get an upgrade. Even though the 3DS is around the corner, I dont mind shelling out the doe for this. It was a long time coming. I like DQ IX so much I had to do something.

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it's funny to me how the original DS was big so they made it small. now big again. LOL.

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can u use an R4 in it if no then it is fail
if no then it is fail


How do I put this... both of you are imbeciles. "simply" dummies.


Honestly... First of all I was using the busted 'ole DS. The original. I cannot convey how dim the screen was. For instance, I couldnt go outside in daylight and play, thought that was normal. Secondly the battery was almost shot. Third... R4 is inferior, so using one is "fail". Cycolo you cheap bastard. I can keep going so Im not gonna number my points... Big screens, Bright screens, BIG SHELL (Im a big guy and holding the FAGGOT ASS DS LITE is a pain in the ass...) like I said, feels like Im texting on my phone. Yadda yadda yadda The POINT of me getting an upgrade WAS and is apparent. IF a card wouldnt work in my DS, who gives a fuck. But... Yes, you need to get a new card, the old wont work, boo hoo. There are multiple cards for the "i" series DS. So... are you talking about the fact that you spent too much on your shitty ass R4? If I recall you spent somewhere around $45 for that junk. Yer likely having issues playing newer games, no? I heard DQIX is one such game. Anyway, gives one the chance to buy a quality product doesnt it?


So yea, I didnt want any other DS's cause there too fucking small. And I had to get a new one cause my battery was failing fast. XL is, duh big. Event the screens are 93% bigger. Apparently I had to make my point 2 more times...


So you sirs... are failed, and on multiple subjects. :dunce:

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I did fail, I am quite an expert at such a thing.


But I wasn't specifically referring to the R4 itself, I was referring to a flash cart in general. Personally I use M3 for my DSi, I have a 16 GB SD card, and the DSi is reasonably sized besides the itchy texture it has.


I have around 50 different games, I'm basically telling you that I'm a cheapskate who'd rather save money for other things, than video games that I'm going to beat and never play anymore, if I'm not pirating or using Gamefly, I'm not buying games, what I do is completely wrong and unjustified, however me pirating for so long, made me forget what buying a game actually entailed.

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Well I wouldnt exactly call that being a cheapskate. I am addicted to games, but more recently, I have wondered if Im more addicted to possessing them rather than playing them. Also, how can one know if a game is truly good or not. My friend has a Cycolo and well, tons of games. Games I didnt even realize existed. And thats how it was when I emulated everything old school. Found gems in the rough. With so many games out there, how can one get them all?


Although I cannot justify emulating... I do it none the less. But my stuff has been old. The reason I dont mod my 360 is obvious, but I dont have that reason for the DS. Although, when it comes to great games, Id end up buying them. If I had a cycolo or whatever, Id have ended up buying DQIX simply because its DQ, and I must support great games. I may just yet get a card and get some games but Im not sweating it.


Emulating is awesome, obviously everyone here knows that. But its a damn shame. I dont know the extent but with so many people emulating, it takes a significant chunk out of the pockets of the companies, fundimentally of course. Look at EA. Just a few years ago they bought up a whole hell of alot of companies cause they were feeling effects of our poor economy. Hard to keep afloat. Well EA suffered the same and not too long ago closed the doors on a great many of those companies.


There are alot of shit games. The economy sucks. If these and other events continue, whatll become of gaming? I wouldnt feel bad if someone hurt the sales of shit games, but when it comes to games like DQIX, it just isnt right. That game is GREAT and I hate to think how many didnt sell cause you can just pop it in a card.


But thats not what this was about. My DS isnt fail because I got big ass hands, and I need something that fits. This thing is WIN.

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