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Thank you N3oGhost !!!!


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I made the mistake of not pressing X to rescan the roms i placed in the roms folder in Kawa-x Plus. That's why they never showed up on the neogeo games list. Now i have CVS Chaos, Rage of dragons, Matremilee,King of fighters 2002, and Metal slug 4 all running properly.

Thank you N3oGhost, Gouki and all the other people involved in the development of this awesome emulator.

Fingers crossed you guys will have Samurai Shodown V up and running soon too. Thanks for all your hard work!!

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I've just modified my own default.xbe to play SVC, SVCPlus, PiM, KoF2002, CTHD2003, MSlug4 & RotD with their original roms & romsets names & without renaming, dobbling or cutting of roms.


It sounds really good!

I'm really interested in your version, Gouki!

Is possible to download it somewhere or is only a private version? :D


Aloha! :P

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