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MadMab Edition Xport Emu ?

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I've been using the madmab edition emulators for the xtras stuff and I was wondering if there was a way to save my overall settings. Every time I launch the emulator I have to re-set my video configurations (in the Nes emulator - I have to change the screen size and the filter). W/ neogenesis I have to put back on the option to use my auto-configuration usage (so I don't have to hit "B" after I click on the rom I want to use).


Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I believe I may know what's happening here.



The more and more I think about it, I think the SAVES files may have been a bad idea. They're not necessary for a lot of emulators now with new Madmab changes, and I should probably put up instructions on how to fix things because of them already being included.


They definitely don't hurt anything being there, but you have to fix them the right way.




I'm assuming that when you fix the game screen size, you're doing it when you play a game, right?


The problem is, this only rewrites the individual save of that game.


You need to change the setting in the Configuration menus when you're not in a game to fix the screen settings, or even the joystick configs if you wanted them different. When you do it here, the emu will ask you if you want to do this globally to all games. Select yes. With all the saves included, this may take a few minutes, but it will overwrite all games with your own screen settings.


Just another little handy feature that we got Madmab to add ;)




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Don't know what you're saying Punika



EDIT: Ahhh... just looked it up haha.


Did he put those in the instructions already? I haven't looked at any of his instructions yet.


I tried changing the settings at the main menu, and everything works while I'm running the emulator (all games open w/ the correct size). When I shut down the emulator and open it back up, I have to do it all again. I did not unzip the "SAVES", so I doubt those are affecting anything.


This is pretty odd, b/c normally when I set the global video settings, I never have to reset anything.

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kinda had similar problems a while ago myself with this emu.

My soloution ? Delete all game saves, set global options.

Every game booted from now on uses global options.

Maybe, just maybe the global options aren't overwriting the existing saves properly, somehow.

In any case after you have set global options for each rom they can still be individually set anyway thereafter.

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Thanks CBA.GY ------ I deleted everything in saves folder and ran the emulator and set everything up. Funny thing is that it didn't work the first time, but when I backed out and came back in and it worked!


BTW...these XTRAS are amazing (it has made playing xbox emu/roms awesome)!


Can't wait for the SNES, and virtualboy emulators!

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