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Is dragon age worth it?


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Ive been thinking about it for a while now but for some reason i never felt tempted enough buy/download it same as mass effect 1 and 2.

With the high scores dragon age has received all over the net I am tempted but Dont see what the deal is when im looking at images or videos of the game...

Can someone enlighten me to its supposed awesome?

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I got it when it released and played just as much as everyone else... then I just stopped. It got boring to me. I cant bring myself to continue again. I absolutely love ME 1 & 2 but even though the same guys made DA... I just cant do it... not until im super bored.


The mechanics are ok I guess but there is something about it that just ... its so dull. I can see myself dozing off while playing. Id say no, dont bother. But that is based on more than just my bias. If you are wanting a game to spend time on there are others that will get the job done over this. Its not your average RPG though, one of the first that regenerates your HP right after battle so you dont have to heal or waste potions or whatever, that way you focus more on the battles than keeping your team healed all the time. There are other merits but I just ant get into it.

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Ill probably try and pick up mass effect on the PC the first one.

The download is huge so Ill use my sisters Ebay to pick up a cheap one on the PC.

I cant see me getting into dragon age even though i have given it a lot of thought.

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