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i mean action/rpg hybrid if u will where i get to swing my weapons not just select attack and watch the computer do it

We have Kingdom Hearts for that. Besides, rumors say that Final Fantasy XIII Agito will be more like Kingdom Hearts in term of the battle system, but who knows what the final game will be like.


P.S. Nerd raeg! The X360 has considerably inferior in-game cutscene quality, the audio is shit, the whole thing runs in a sub-HD resolution! Raeg! [/sarcasm]

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i have seen people playing it and from what i seen, cutscenes, then more cutscene, then walk, then battles, battles then more cutscenes. I stand there in the shop for one hour to see if anything changes than that, but nothing changed.


But as mentioned, will still get the game just becos it is a Final Fantasy game, just not going to get it right away :P

Oh... Well yes, lol. I've made jokes that every 10 min there is a cut scene and a datalog entry. heh I do not mind though.


i mean action/rpg hybrid if u will where i get to swing my weapons not just select attack and watch the computer do it

I figured as much... Agozer said it right so... +1




Ohhhh Im fucking hungry! Just woke up... time to eat, relax... and get on another day of FFXIII!

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In all honesty I'm perplexed and at loss at what to do with XIII's weapon/accessory upgrading system in the long run. Let's say you found a good weapon or an accessory and you start upgrading it. At some point in the game your bound to find some other weapon that is supposedly better than the one you had before. So what to do? Do I just sell or dismantle the old item and start using the new one, or do I keep both of them and switch between those every now and then?


It doesn't really help that not all battles net you spoils, so it's not like you'll get enough components for upgrades even if you start grinding.


I wonder if there is an absolute upgrade maximum where you can no longer upgrade the item and said item has gone though all its transformations at the "Star" level.

Each weapon had different strength/magic levels, as well as special effects. But there is no real "better weapon" Each weapon has 3 tiers. Beginner, intermediate, and uber. You can only obtain 1st tier weapons in the game, so you MUST level them to get stronger. The weapon Im using capped out at 26. At max level you can evolve the weapon, (with a special catalyst) and I guess it goes down by 1/2 so I imagine lvl 13. (havent evolved yet) Once evolved, the level cap is higher, in this case, Edge Carbines tier 2 level cap is 61, then all tier 3 weapons cap out at 100. So you can see why I needed that formula so damn bad!


As for accessories, your idea is true at first. I had an Iron bangle, 50+hp. Then I got a Silver Bangle, 100+hp. It is the evolved version of my first one. So upgrading accessories early on is a waste of components. But Baangles and a few other accessories are the only ones that have a bunch of upgraded versions. Any Amulets you have only have 1 more evolution, so you cannot obtain it otherwise. Rings are similar. Id not dismantle things just yet.


Upgrading weapons is not moot. At chapter 9, I upgraded a magic boosting weapon for Lightning (16) and Hope (13), and a physical weapon for Fang (13). I basically used relentless assault. Two ravagers and a commando. This way I ate through the chain meter and obliterated the broken opponents, juggling them endlessly in the air once Fang launched them up when they broke. If I had not done this, I might not have been able to consistently gotten 5 star ratings on the soldiers I was grinding and subsequently not obtained so many incentive chips. (2500 credits each) Once I hit chapter 10 I sold all chips, and had ~115,000 credits. (5 star ratings increases the odds of item drops, including rare items)


As for the means to upgrade, I grinded alittle in a few areas, the slugs for example. They often dropped Oils. You should have enough suplies to at least upgrade a bit at chapter 9 which I recommend. You'll have some chips from chapter 8 and before, so purchasing some components from the shops is the way to go.


Edit;memory refresh: Organic components first, (1 at a time to efficiently use each increase in xp bonus. 1.25/ 1.5 etc) then using Insulated Cabling (if your at chapter 9) in bulk to benefit from the multiplier.


Id use all your money at the beginning of chapter 9 on the cabling, IF you have 3 choice weapons already at x3 xp. Trust me, if your raping soldiers in the halls like I was... grinding there will net you a TON of cash. Remember 5 stars... Winding hallways. (soldiers/huntresses) Then you'll have plenty of cash to upgrade as you see fit later.

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Well it get more and more challenging! I love the hell out of this game! I often have battles where I shift paradigms 20 times or so. Sometimes way more.


Yea, just focus on attaining 5 stars and you'll be good.

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I think it's nice that the battle system constantly keeps you on your toes, since certain enemy groups can rack in a ton of damage quickly. I've had to resort to Phoenix Downs in some battles simply because I wasn't fast enough in switching to a Paradigm that had a Medic class.


Like those damn Automata early in the game which toss out a targeting beacon that explodes and does something like ~250HP damage.


The Eidolon's Gestalt modes are quite fun too. Yay for Odin. The Stagger system is neat, but some enemies are annoyingly difficult to stagger, unless you get a Preemptive Strike opportunity. Shrouds help, sure, but you don't get those very often and money doesn't "grow" on enemies. Also looking for ward to racking enough CP so I can learn a launcher skill for aerial combos.

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Yea deeper in the game you will find yourself switching paradigms often. I'll note, that the stronger you get, battles will get tougher to attain 5 stars. Well, certain battles I always got 5 stars on I now get 4 as I'm expected to kill them quicker. I believe I am forced to rethink my strategy.


Launch is very very handy. I find myself canceling out and waiting so my attacks keep them juggled.

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I normally keep Lightning and Sazh as a Commandos, Snow and Fang as Sentinels, Vanille and Hope as Ravagers in the beginning of fights. Vanille and Hope I use as Medics in other Paradigms as well as Synergist and Saboteur respectfully.

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Lightning - Commando?

Hope - Synergist?


Give me suggestions!

Commando keeps the bar from running down fast, Ravanger boosts the chain gauge quickly. You WILL get a surplus of cp, when that happens build the other mains equally. If your asking for which to focus on, Id not focus on Hopes Synergist skills 1st. Buffing skills are not necessary but you never know. Just be sure to have some magic attacks for hope, Slash and burn should be the most used at this stage of the game. Dont sweat it though, You should be getting alot of cp... your in chapter 5?


I beat the game last night... Let me tell you where I am now, cp doesnt come in fast enough. Shit costs insane amounts!!!

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