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Dating sites suck.


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Im gonna write this in "old fashioned bloke" terms and show and Prove to you that on-line dating is mostly black and white in nature.

No over analysing, no "PUA" stuff just good old fashioned horse power.


This first statement will shock you rigid so prepare your self for something so unexpected that you puke in your grandmas face.

Nobody gives a shit about on-line dating.


First of all us guys like to believe that "money" is not important and that "personality" is, and the same can be said for women - if this was "true" i would have 18 super models hanging off my arm, my phone would never stop ringing, rich birds would flock to me to "buy me." Bullshit - it only goes so far you need the cherry on the top which is a stable well paid job.

I have only ever know one exception to this - I met a chick and never followed up as she lived too far away - then silly bastard here found out that her father was a millionaire. :D Now is that me gold digging? Yup.


Ok here is a POF profile that wont get you anyplace with a reasoanbile woman:


Tagline: Desperate sad and lonely Gareth seeks soul mate ;(


Hi - I am fat and overweight, I get sad and mopy all the time and never get a bath - my fingers constantly smell like cheesy crisps. Im currently on state benefits and living at home with my mother im 32.


Interests: Internet pornography - hentai - dragonball - my seven cats.


No self respecting attractive woman is gonna even look at his profile, or if a message is received unless he is gunning for really fat women or women with 56 kids then his chances are practicly zero.



Not me!


So these "pretty" women - why do they go on plenty of fish?


here are my top few reasons for "pretty" women going on dating sites. (note i ignore chubby girls and women with 6 kids i think im worth it if any woman is getting upset about guys thinking they are worth a lucker... dont mail me;) im not been a cunt here im just explaining to you my side of the fence.


1. She is lame - underneath her beauty she is boring, unimaginative, insecure, and "unsure" used to guys kissing her ass.

I mean some of the "pretty" ones they are waiting for MR UNBELIEVABLE!


Hank maloon: Hi I fly fighter jets, drive a porche really fast, have a villa in tunisia and shares in most worthy things in the world - in my spare time I COME ON PLENTY OF FISH! And message girls like you which I could attract in a 10 seconds flat any place I go. WAKE UP IDIOT A GUY LIKE THIS IS NOT ON PLENTY OF FISH! James bond masters do not "go on plenty of fish" James bond masters don't even go on "pay" sites.


2. She is highly attractive and highly confident - these are normally ex "bar scags" they got tired at the age of 23 and up of having there way with everything getting drugged up and getting her brains ploughed out - now she realises its time to "settle" this types of chicks come with baggage, a history that would make a prostitute blush, and often one child. Will be a complete bitch in any approach or will simply ignore messages. (which I don't send to them)


these types of girls will always say "Looking for a GREAT looking guy" must be tall, must have a job, must have a car, must have... blah blah blah shut the hell up already we know you're selling your body because life hit you , and it sucks - guess what? Men initally go for LOOKS get over it its the way of the world just like you go for money, looks, height, and a reasonable personality. (Awesome personalitys need not apply)


3. The "i accidentaly had 4 kids now im seriously fucked" type.

This one I can assure you is set in STONE the requirements:

She will still have her looks in the face but the body may require hours if not months in the gym lol

This is what she is waiting for: A funny guy, looks not a necessity, down to earth (you'd fucking have to be with 4 kids screaming) steady job-does not have to pay a lot but 30,000k is pretty reasonable don't worry when you tell her what you work as she will immediately search up pay rates for this type of work) you are permitted children of your own as long as it does not inter fear with her life and her milking the shit out of you - she cant work she has 4 kids.

The ones with ONE kid bypass this rule and you always have a shot at a chick with just one kid online regardless of your work background - she can always "train you" and you will always "see sense" Sorry love you made the wrong choice before and you'll do it again, your on your own - and unless its the apocolypse i ain't helping you.


4. Butterfly brain.


Why are you even trying?


5. The attention whore.

The really dolled up im in to the "club" scene fast cars, drugs, and danger.

requirements: Oh god I am so hot and young - requirements: Chizzled looks, cash and lots of it, must be thrilling to be around, (i can give her thrilling but she wont like the idea that me punching her in the face is my idea of a good time)

You are not permitted to move or show a perosnality while she is looking at you - you have to be the flawless victory for her. dont move - hold it - hold it - hold it - hold it - oh you failed she saw a spot on your forhead in one of your pictures better luck next time loser!!!!!!!!!! (don't worry these revert back to type 2) these women are as good as on-line prostitutes.


6. The church girl.

Ha! these are my favourite types you can actually do something with these.

There is a chance she will be a virgin but probably not - personality's are as wooden as a pirate ships plank of death.

If all you do is smile and have rainbows flying out of your imagination you will go a long way, additionally change your relegion to hers THEN message her. a great way of tricking her (alls fair in love and war) when you meet her its like your walking round with white robes around each other - tell her the bible states a woman should be "quiet" and respect her man for eve was the one who gave in to temptation. Then you can finger bang her ass in waiting lines in busy shops and turn her in a little whore! WIN!


7. The "Im not attractive but I think I am chick"

These ones are fucking deranged - message them all you want - they steal quick ego boosts off you then this reaffirms their reality and they carry on in the never ending loops of been lonely.

They are often slightly overweight - dolled up - and pugly - they are too proud to "mail you" and when you do "its about time" now your gonna pay your gonna pay so fucking bad for ignoring her beauty and power your gonna have to work your ass off to keep her so she KNOWS your mr right. Requirments are the same as number 3.


8. The rare catch.

This MIGHT happen - everything is balanced correctly - personality's meet perfectly - money is not an issue you both "really" like each other. (this happens a couple of times a year if your doing stuff right) in the meantime keep your porn collection healthy, dont settle for second best , and be patient.


Emsely. :naughty:

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FACT - Very attractive women that "put themselves out there" are looking for "Mr. Right", but the only thing they'll find due to them being shallow and money hungry, is "Mr RIGHT NOW!" that will use them.


I hate women that need taken care of, can't manage their money and are stuck up like they DESERVE what they want. You can't stand on your own two feet and take care of yourself, you can't have me...this ain't the fucking 50s ladies, GET A JOB and buy your own shit, oh and you're paying for dinner half the time!

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I think dating sites are meant to do the work for you as far as finding a person worth dating. Back in the day, it was a matchmaker's job. Now it's a public business.


But finding, getting and keeping the girl are three different things eh.


Ken has a point. Very attractive girls know that they're attractive and won't settle for less than a guy who is equally attractive or with money or both. They reserve the right to have some romantic clout because of their appearance.


In short, their vanity is their directive.


Decent men should not date these women, nor should they maintain their own sense of vanity in looking for a partner. I'm from L.A., hot broads here are a dime a dozen. A quality woman doesn't mean she should look like a supermodel, which some men think they deserve.

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Im just perplexed at how "beauty" is paid for one way or another - sure she is entitled to a guy with a job for a better future but if I put up on my profile right now "Currently long term unemployed" That cross in the corner would be hit faster than a virgin at a viagra party.


Its like fixing up a slightly wonky CV hahahahaha!

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You're on the wrong site. You don't wanna be on dating sites, you wanna be on sex sites, where girls are looking to just have sex with guys coz they're horny nymphs, or messed up in the head, or who gives a fuck. All you have to do is not be a complete wierdo like the million other guys on the site, and you'll soon land some girls to hook up with. Actual 'dating' sites where people look for actual 'partners' are obviously gonna be a waste of time, coz there's always gonna be ten times the number of men to women, so women get to be choosy as they like, and when they can choose, they choose whoever will buy them the most stuff. I'm unemplyed at the moment too, and when I do get a job I'm not gonna spend a danm penny of it on any girl. If you have to buy a girl stuff for the privelge of her allowing you to have sex with her, then you may as well just use a whore instead.

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I was actually thinking is it so wrong to pay for sex?

I would never do it, I actually know a guy who pays for his booty - he goes to a well known brothel in leeds and pays like 80 pound a time and takes his pick of really attractive chicks.

he told me he has always been a virgin (hes a short guy - lacks confidence - and a strict upbringing) he tells me it was the best thing he ever did no wonder hes always smiling.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with it, I just wouldn't do it coz I begrudge paying for things like insurance, let alone something like sex.

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