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Steam everything sale


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Valve complete pack - Everything from valve (EVERYTHING) is $75.00 in total at the moment.


That's, CS (all versions), Half Life (both games, all episodes, some old school mods), Portal, Team Fortress (both), Left 4 Dead (both), and Day of Defeat.


Considering that the retail price of L4D1+2 is more than this I say it's pretty much worth it.


They have some other packages too (Eidos is selling a pack for $50.00, Deus Ex, Hitman, and Batman all in it), and single games as well (Braid is $2.99).


Just go to the store and eat your heart out :thumbsup1:!


They're also doing daily deals as well. Mirror's Edge is $5.00 today and GTAIV is $7.49, Stalker is $2.00! Every day (starting thursday, today's deal is running until then) after until the third of January Steam is going to be changing their daily.


Happy gifting!

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Doesn't really sound like a deal to me, isn't that what they cost if you bought them all individually?




That game doesn't really have any replay value, come to think of it, nothing valve has made has any replay value except for CS but jeez, who still plays that shyt?

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The Valve complete pack dissapeared for a while, I was gonna buy it a few weeks ago but it wasn't there. Glad it's back and at that price I'm buying it today.

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