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At the moment I am in Tech School which equates to "Military College". My first class doesn't actually start until next Tuesday because Monday is Labor Day. I'm somewhat hooked on the internet because I have to pay to use it, I try to get on about 4 times a week. Right now I'm in Phase 1, and in that phase I can't have a television or an XBOX 360 in the dorm, I'm trying to get to Phase 2 so I can buy a TV and have my laptop out inside the dorm. Right now I'm pretty limited to using paid internet, or reading gaming magazines.


I have to pass 3 dorm inspections, 3 open ranks, and pass the PT exam, being able to do 45 pushups and situps under 1 minute, and being able to run 1.5 miles under 11:47. Shouldn't be too hard, right now, I have no games present, so until then.

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Yeah Tom Crusie is gay in it, like in most of his films but Val Kilmer's not though. You're ok with Iceman, but Goose or Mav and you're either dead or gay.

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